Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Disappearing of Children Act

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"You will hurt, you will bleed, but just as soon you will be in paradise with Jesus, Christian Parents, the only ones Children are to obey, teaching their Children how to die in Christ Jesus, just you imagine, Voice Of The Martyred, www.ministercaden14.blogspot.com

Seen to be seeing disastrous manners of plots, even of exterminations especially against the children, seen to be seeing various neighborhoods being chosen and massacred, a plan of master disaster on the map, 2007

The Disappearing of all Children Act 12/30/2014
The only way, this can Go, watch here, Ken Peters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2owHVfZlDg

-“So did you watch it, the History channel special? Yes, as one reaching unto a menu, was she at lunch time fairly famished. “I did, until I got so sleepy, but it was, was, ah flawed? Perhaps that’s the word, no, it was confusing. Confusion Marked Tree is to be without a righteous head, lead which Jesus is, as so the very Living Word and Living Spirit has been given that we’re no longer ignorant about the things of God. Especially the Revelations of Jesus Christ, which then cries blessed are the hearers and doers of this prophecy for the time (time of reveal), is at hand. Which is why again all mankind are admonished to learn of end times events, if it wasn’t possible, the Holy Spirit wouldn’t be encouraging mankind to take heed to its divine disclosure, even exposure.
-Then a lot of this misperception of scripture came with parents looking for their missing children, it was ridiculous, for the final time, if you’re found sinless and are in heaven at this time your children are with you. If you’re found with sin yet remaining in your heart, thus left on this earth at this time, your children are with you, don’t be deceived, don’t be angry, be redeemed, Jesus Christ. Ah, I remember Maaseiah doing a class, where I barely knew anything about this blessed event, hum, you like pancakes with your syrup I see, yes well, I mean it was so off subject. The Holy Spirit had me to pause at what we were doing and remind parents right then and there whatever their faith, fate doing this blessed hope will be that of their children, that’s Cheyenne because there, right there you had their undivided attention which is a rare thing, especially these days.
-It’s just not biblical is it, the age of accountability?” As one unfolding a napkin into his lap, readying his delicious looking, smelling plate, “no, no more Medicine Bow than purgatory, arguing the child’s innocence and thus automatic rapture is dangerously boarding on the line of arguing children are exempt from the curse of death. That sin’s linage, nature doesn’t happen to the heart, blood and soul doing the mother’s womb, which is the equivalent of quarrelling whether there is a God. Then where Medicine Bow in scripture was it that God doing the pouring out of His Wrath He moved children out of the way, especially the children of the rebellious, those His wrath all the more target and threaten? Actually Maaseiah, Jesus promised the whore Jezebel who the whole unrepentant pulpit is and all those in bed with her, mast assembly, how He would kill their children with death except they repent.
-That’s Bronze only part of it, while I was working yesterday, ump, there’s no salt on this table, how are you guys eating without salt?” Sir, yes, some salt please, “anyway the Holy spirit remind me of that horrid day, Governor Pilate was trying to find a way to release Jesus, but the people simply would not, meaning God had from day one relied on their hatred of HIM. So Governor Pilate take a wash basin and water as to free himself of Christ’s Blood and he say I wash my hands of this man’s blood and all those set to crucify him, including the Jews cried, then his blood be upon us and our children! Ah god Maaseiah, ah my God in Heaven, you do realize He brought that to your remembrance for this very reason, this debate of debates, ah my God! Which you guys is why Jesus cries suffer the little children and bring them to me, Jesus is come as the single, blood bearer of sin, (curse of death and judgment), not the American Dream.
-Its strange Maaseiah how is it, it’s only at this time of DIVINE RAPTURE they can well see and argue the innocence of the children. It as though we’re not to realize it is mankind, especially those of the so labored free world which has been a genocide to children since day one, we know that’s what abortion is. That every day we awake in third world and warring countries we’re looking at various forms of genocide designing children and their parents daily lives, even the growing pedophilia of children. Do we stop to think how many of them die doing these unthinkable sexual acts.
-Also, I’ve read the reports that hundreds of thousands of women and children die annually because of America and those allying her sanctions, death Maaseiah truly isn’t the anomaly here, even regarding children. Which you guys I’m afraid will explain why there will be even greater hatred of God and His Anointed doing these ever to be again, beastly times, the disappearing of only the Specialty Saints entire household. As you guys were talking I sat contemplating through scripture, God being the same today, yesterday and forever, as you Maaseiah inquired, when was there a time at the pouring out of His wrath did God specifically move children out of the way?
-So Lion Wolf this mean according to the disappearing of all children act, God is going to do something He has never done in scripture before, that this is a new thing, right? There are no new demonstrations, God isn’t going to after thousands of years change His policies regarding how to rid the earth of all sin with an old heart to new heart human blood redemption in toll. All that is beyond miraculous, with Jesus citing how not one title of God’s word will passed away until all is fulfilled, that heaven and earth will pass away first.
-Thus as always until God’s Kingdom reign this unjustified perplexity come, even the History Channel version, at mankind yet refusing to simply even amply believe God according to His Will, promised and prophesied from the beginning of the first Adam. Thus I say with my Lord, get to the alters of repentance that is in your knees and suffer (deny the children the corrupting world) and bring them to Him, The Second Adam, Christ Jesus the Savoir Of the World, for He alone has overcome the world (Satan’s Seat, Jezebel, The NWO). Apb, The RAM, www.thetruthlooter14.blogspot.com

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