Saturday, December 20, 2014

And He Became A Living Soul!

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A Voice Declaring: A Prayer For Teens, teens in mortal danger, in Jihad for their souls ever-last 2007

And He Became A Living Soul 12/20/2014

-Suicide is not an exit, it is not a get off the earth free card, the Supreme who is long suffering toward us. The one I experienced crying and sobbing uncontrollably causing me to sob as well behind this inconceivable silence in heaven, has done, is doing everything He can to reach out to you, to bring you back as a lost sheep into the fold and He the bloody Sheep Herder. He know that once the veil of illusion is lifted and you're to see all about this world, even the American Dream is nothing but this artificial loan. This master deceiver of its own predatory lending of both Satanic and Demonic profiteering after all to mock God’s will, at you, at every human being on this earth, losing their immortal, soul, thou shalt not kill.
-God crying, sobbing, how His people are dying (deceived), how they’re being stripped of everything Jesus Christ? I know how that sound, but John himself doing the opening of the seven seals also witness a silence in heaven, he described as being about the space of half an hour. With the prophet Isaiah testifying God lamenting to him, how His People perish and no man lay it heart, how Merciful Men are lost as though none consider the Righteous are taken out of the evil to come, are taken out, the only way to leave this earth with your immortal soul intact.
-You can’t use death, well the only way to use death to save yourself is by the Cross of Jesus crying aloud, whoever believeth in me shall never die, that though they be dead yet like Him, shall they be made alive. Won’t you realize how incredibly blessed you are to be reading this post right now. There are so many people already fooled, so many already taken of by this truth looter, the liar and murderer from the beginning destined for hell’s fire. That’s he to then cause as many human beings to forfeit the immortal that only seem to be these destitute souls, that you forget our God Christ alone Reign. Uncontrollably you were born heir to this earth and man, now with that said, realized, you only have one original goal, one purpose and prize, and that is be born again by giving Jesus your life (your heart’s blood).
-It’s called life because originally that is what it was meant to be, before the disobedience, before the bloodline was tainted so, before the fall and you, mankind being born, cursed accordingly. I know there are few on this earth still who can tell you these things, who can describe it all to you this way, but you’re shaped this curse in your mother’s womb. That only you by God making of Himself sinless Flesh, yes this is how much He love you, how much He love mankind, halleluiah great is the mystery of GODLINESS! The Supreme Creator of all things we know to be this earth and beyond the universe, yes did this for you, did this for me so your soul could have a fighting chance not to as the flesh die for an eternity, but to by a rebirth in His redeeming blood, the Holy Spirit, Living word, Christ be Heir to God’s throne forever breaking the curse of death. Beware, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb, the RAM, read further here, www,

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