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With The Angels Of Heaven

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"Church Bells Now Silent!" Voice of The Martyred,,

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Amazing Grace How, Sweet the Sound, 12/18/2014

-This is why God judges the heart of man, and thank HIM beyond heaven and the universe for that, everything else is so insignificant, what we think, what we do, what we believe, what we have is all vanity, a reaching for the wind, all! The intrepid dream automobile, the time table given America, 2001, whose driver side door open and I tumbled from it to my feet to watch it go on without me, which I characterized as the Grace Of God, was as what was descried of Michael’s Robe, it too was white trimmed in gold. That although I with my fellowman would be made to comprehend this inconceivable cataclysm that was upon America, the Free World, we're to see, God by the Holy Spirits are ever present.
-Don’t you get it? The entire Heavenly Host fight for us, they fight on our side, do you know how astronomically amazing that is. This is what I’ve been ministering to people, that when we call on the Holy Spirits intervention we actually have the entire Heavenly Host at our marshal, that they’re all poised in one manner or another to come to our rescue. I’m trying to make this short but I’ve been doing this nearly thirty years and there is still so much to share, it Jesus explaining to Disciple, how much He had to share with them but they couldn't bear it, still they would see things, hear things and be made a party to things like none other.
-A Few years ago I found myself in a dream, in the dream it was shown to me, o reassured me I guess how I was surrounded all around by angels. I tell you there wasn’t a place I could look and there wasn’t an angel in place in my stead, all around. If I was to tell you I was really, really impressed and overwhelming blessed by this revelation I wasn’t at all, I think like you, like mankind on this earth for so long, I’d been terrorized too long to get too excited. It would be a few months later before I would realize why they revealed this beyond miracle to me.
-A month later the husband and I were out doing the yard, and as usual, I was talking to him about spiritual things, and he moved in kind of unfriendly like and he said, you know some of the things you say can get you hurt. The entire Heavenly Host as this witness, just as he said that, no respond of my own, zero, it’s not like he haven’t said it before, only this time I felt like this army of angels just enveloped and engulf me like this sudden armor of God, all around and through, as to say you have to come through us first.
-It so revised me I never talked about it, never told anyone until recently, though the dream where angels where seen all around was given to me possibly because heaven knew I would suffer the death of my for nearly thirty years husband about five or so months later and how completely devastating that would be for me thus the psalm of Jesus crucifixion exclaims “my heart is like wax, it is melted into the midst of my bowels.”


-I ask you to remember when the Angel Gabriel appeared to the prophet Daniel, (appeared to this Apostle, Me, May 2004, regarding the fulfillment of all things mankind, the sounding of the seventh angel). Just as so explaining to Daniel why an answer to his prayer hadn’t arrived but for 21 days later. The Angel Gabriel explained first how his appearing there to him was because he was greatly beloved, that his prayer was heard day one and that an answer would have arrived to him sooner but the Prince of Persia (a territorial spirit) withstood him 21 days until Michael.
-Astonishing, the same Archangel Michael this young man is describing, came and fought with him, making them able to now come to Daniel’s aid. When I awaken I was kneeling as to like kiss His feet, when made to rise up I begin to realize I was standing with Him, Jesus on the Mount of Olivet. That's with this Son of God, the Archangel Michael’s Armies of Heaven, as so here I was, you, the Church Bride was, making ready with Them, as described by the prophet Zechariah, of this single day of twilight, to come and intervene in the battle of Armageddon. Of Jesus destroying it, them all with the Sword of His mouth (biblical prophecy fulfillment) and the brightness of His Coming, what I most remember is how sweet, fresh and cool the air was up there. Truly my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, we have with the Holy Spirits been to the mountain top, we’ve wedged the final battle and won, we’ve walked through the streets of a war torn Israel crying, what are these wounds in thine hand?
-I never talk about it, as it was written with fear and trembling, and every time I share it, it’s with fear and trembling not wanting to offend our Lord God. I created this work long before I had the manner of revelation knowledge shown here, but I believe, though it is fictional it's based on so many various dreams, visions, visitation to heaven, and heaven visiting me, that you will by it at least find a temporal rest unto your soul. Instead of a fairytale I’ve come to call it a deitytale, here at ). I believe the work will give you some idea of what Holy Spirits through the Apostle Paul meant when they declared, we wrestle not against flesh and blood.
-That the true enemies are powers, principalities and the workers of iniquity in high places. That by God’s Will, we only have one flesh and one blood, that’s one mankind, the apostle John described them as either the children of God, (White (sinless), People) or the children of the devil (Gray (unrepentant) people). The color gray is described as being neither black or white, (hot nor cold), but either a watered down version of black or a tainted manner of white, I guess you can say it’s neutral, mingled, and is no longer certain nor trustworthy, thus in the words of my, our Lord and Christ, I say, repent or perish, as to pluck ambers from the burning, beware, Apb, The RAM

Midnight Cry,

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