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For Strait Is The Gate

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"Church Bells Now Silent!" Voice of The Martyred,

"You will hurt, you will bleed, but just as soon you will be in paradise with Jesus, Christian Parents, the only ones Children are to obey, teaching their Children how to die in Christ Jesus, just you imagine, Voice Of The Martyred,

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-Seen to be looking into a specific list of names, like the names written in the Lamb’s Book of life, fulfillment of end times mightily on the map 04/27/2014

Strait Is The Gate and Few 12/18/2014

-Isn't this just another live to die another day story? Parents in red and hot zones are teaching their children how to die Jesus style. That’s how to save a life, which later maybe the saving of a soul, I know it's possibly sacrificing your temporal life, the Holy Spirits decision. Though, is it as well Peter’s sword attacking Christ’s accusers and Jesus needing to bear his father’s cup, crying he that live by the sword (violence), die by the sword, this people is the only good, the only good celebrative death and dying, where Jesus is Lord.
-Have any of you stop to realize how this child now has to live with the fact justified or not, he took somebodies life? Those of you who really believe in God know, people don't just die, you take a life justified or not, you put that person soul's in danger, as so yours. This is why Jesus prayed father forgive, He wasn't trying to save those people lives, not even he could do that. People are going to die, you, you're going to die, by this prayer Jesus was securing time guilty or not, that their souls might be saved unto ones immortal life’s resurrection.
-By Christ’s Cross securing your soul, and the soul's of others to God's Kingdom is more important than anything on this planet. Like Him, we’re to die before we jeopardize not another’s person’s life, but their soul’s ever last, if you love him, them more, die! Though every person reading here know this, Jesus didn’t come to teach us how to live, he came to teach us how to die, abundant life is to die in Christ, setting all your treasures above abundantly as so, everything else is a temporal loan disguised to corrupt the truth, only God’s Living Word is Truth.
-The Holy Spirit wasn’t sent to teach us how to save our lives, or the lives of others, he was sent to help us die good deaths only possible in Christ. The Church Bride, the few, the same as her Lord, infiltrated by His Holy Spirit, possessed with His identical Gospel Message, made without hands, it is right now teaching all who will hear. All who will take heed, how to use the curse of death all mankind is born to, to gain for all eternity life in the Holy Spirit, an Heir by Christ’s blood, to God’s throne, in which flesh and blood (the apostate church can’t) cannot inherit, thus she cry, bleed, die, Repent or Perish!
-Doing channel surfing last night, 05/03/2014, I witnessed this minister give a testimonial about some part of Africa where he was baptizing a few men who’d confessed Jesus Christ. That he was then told by these new converts that now that they’d converted to Jesus they can no longer return home. Seemingly, they’re now outcast to all whom they love, trust and obey (honored), (parents, siblings, friends and children), remember when Jesus family come looking for him, remember what He said? See Mark. 3:31-35. How many of you have ever in your life even considered making these manners of sacrifices for God, let alone actually practice (chanced), such the reproach?
-Just you listen, death is imminent and now that Jesus has come, death can be used for something other than the worthlessness we labor after all our lives, this useless reaching for the wind. To be frank, with suicide being a pending epidemic mean you ‘re too crazy about yourselves, forget about you and re-consider what you can do with the very situation God has placed you in. I can tell you, whatever state you’re in, it can be rehabilitated and twisted into not only an accurate worship of God, again by Christ’s Cross, which must come first.
-Just as well, is there also that to be fashioned as an outreach unto those who don’t believe, so praise God if you’ve lost this life and you know it. Hallelujah to Him, If you’ve lost all control, it is His word which remind us the world we see is not made of that in which actually appear, that unrepentant mankind look through a mirror darkly, set your treasures above. The only good that’s to come of your revelations is that you by Christ’s Cross realize it and through the sweetest surrender redesign it, thus is your reward in heaven.
-Just you read the gospel, see what Jesus did with this curse of death that He brought upon Himself for our, your sake, (SINS), although His was the ultimate, as He rose from death three days later. There were twelve followers, eleven of which as well took the curse of death and by way of the Sword of the Spirit, (faith in Jesus, the Christ of God) killed themselves off by remaking of themselves this Holiness unto the Lord Father, redeeming in all like manner unto this very second millions unto this unspeakable Lamb Of God’s Throne. That Specialty Gospel (apocalypse), crying aloud, sparing not, “blessed are the dead that die in the Lord Jesus Christ, that they might rest from their labors and their works (SACRIFICES), do follow them.”
-So a fourteen year old kill to save himself, his grandmothers, even to avenge his father’s murder to safeguard the home and worldly treasures today. Another fourteen year old take this same gun to school and slaughter as many as he can before killing himself. One we argue is a hero, the other a drug addict while the killing tool fades into the distant yonder poised to kill not just life, but an immortal soul cast screaming, crying and begging into hell’s fire for all time. No, I’m not delusional, I'm an Apostle of Jesus Christ, this boy did what he’s been trained to do, as those boys recently allowing themselves to be beheaded for christ’s sake, were doing what their faith in Christ has trained them to do. I’m just stating the difference is why there are billions of more people,, Souls, in hell, than in heaven. Thus, here enters the authentic million dollar question, will you ever grow up (see Christ's Cross)? Or will you serve Satan, this curse of death judgment and hell all your lives? Beware, Apb, The RAM,

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