Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Behold The Woman Seed!

"Behold The Root Of David Hath Prevailed!" Voice Of the Martyred, www.newlyhearted2014.blogspot.com

A Poster Said: This is the argument I've always used to explain why the God of the Bible is not the god of the Koran. Even if the name is the same, the people bearing the name are not.

A Virgin Shall Conceive 12/11/2014

-Did Isaac and Ishmael have the same father? Yes, they did, were they through this one father admonished to serve Abraham's One Great God? Yes they were, did Isaac and Ishmael have the same mother? No they did not, Isaac’s mother Sarah was chosen to bear the lineage that would give birth to the woman seed, as had been promised Mother Eve.
-On the other hand Ishmael mother, Hagar, she was instead chosen to give birth to a seed in bondage to the original sin, they would both wax great as their father’s seed. Though this is where their faith/fate would part ways, (this holy Jihad), same earthly father, same God in heaven, separate blood redeemers and only one acceptable by God as a strait passageway to His Throne in Heaven.
-That in which had been prophesied by the prophets of old, that one day a virgin of Isaac's bloodline would conceive, bring forth a Son, His name would be called Jesus for He would be mankind's Blood Redeemer, behold the Lamb Of God/Seed Of David hath prevailed.
-That’s people all mankind, because regardless of how fragmented they are there is only one mankind, those of every nation, tribe, tongue, kingdom and people that would believe Jesus is the Christ. That He is the Son/Savior appointed of the Living God in Heaven. It is that remarkable being explained here yourchurchcondemnsix.blogspot.com by, Spirit River Artelon to his cousin Christian Dove Artelon, as to pluck ambers from the burning, beware, Apb, the RAM, www.straitisthegate14.blogspot.com,

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