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The Disappearing of Children Act

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"You will hurt, you will bleed, but just as soon you will be in paradise with Jesus, Christian Parents, the only ones Children are to obey, teaching their Children how to die in Christ Jesus, just you imagine, Voice Of The Martyred, www.ministercaden14.blogspot.com

Seen to be seeing disastrous manners of plots, even of exterminations especially against the children, seen to be seeing various neighborhoods being chosen and massacred, a plan of master disaster on the map, 2007

The Disappearing of all Children Act 12/30/2014
The only way, this can Go, watch here, Ken Peters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2owHVfZlDg

-“So did you watch it, the History channel special? Yes, as one reaching unto a menu, was she at lunch time fairly famished. “I did, until I got so sleepy, but it was, was, ah flawed? Perhaps that’s the word, no, it was confusing. Confusion Marked Tree is to be without a righteous head, lead which Jesus is, as so the very Living Word and Living Spirit has been given that we’re no longer ignorant about the things of God. Especially the Revelations of Jesus Christ, which then cries blessed are the hearers and doers of this prophecy for the time (time of reveal), is at hand. Which is why again all mankind are admonished to learn of end times events, if it wasn’t possible, the Holy Spirit wouldn’t be encouraging mankind to take heed to its divine disclosure, even exposure.
-Then a lot of this misperception of scripture came with parents looking for their missing children, it was ridiculous, for the final time, if you’re found sinless and are in heaven at this time your children are with you. If you’re found with sin yet remaining in your heart, thus left on this earth at this time, your children are with you, don’t be deceived, don’t be angry, be redeemed, Jesus Christ. Ah, I remember Maaseiah doing a class, where I barely knew anything about this blessed event, hum, you like pancakes with your syrup I see, yes well, I mean it was so off subject. The Holy Spirit had me to pause at what we were doing and remind parents right then and there whatever their faith, fate doing this blessed hope will be that of their children, that’s Cheyenne because there, right there you had their undivided attention which is a rare thing, especially these days.
-It’s just not biblical is it, the age of accountability?” As one unfolding a napkin into his lap, readying his delicious looking, smelling plate, “no, no more Medicine Bow than purgatory, arguing the child’s innocence and thus automatic rapture is dangerously boarding on the line of arguing children are exempt from the curse of death. That sin’s linage, nature doesn’t happen to the heart, blood and soul doing the mother’s womb, which is the equivalent of quarrelling whether there is a God. Then where Medicine Bow in scripture was it that God doing the pouring out of His Wrath He moved children out of the way, especially the children of the rebellious, those His wrath all the more target and threaten? Actually Maaseiah, Jesus promised the whore Jezebel who the whole unrepentant pulpit is and all those in bed with her, mast assembly, how He would kill their children with death except they repent.
-That’s Bronze only part of it, while I was working yesterday, ump, there’s no salt on this table, how are you guys eating without salt?” Sir, yes, some salt please, “anyway the Holy spirit remind me of that horrid day, Governor Pilate was trying to find a way to release Jesus, but the people simply would not, meaning God had from day one relied on their hatred of HIM. So Governor Pilate take a wash basin and water as to free himself of Christ’s Blood and he say I wash my hands of this man’s blood and all those set to crucify him, including the Jews cried, then his blood be upon us and our children! Ah god Maaseiah, ah my God in Heaven, you do realize He brought that to your remembrance for this very reason, this debate of debates, ah my God! Which you guys is why Jesus cries suffer the little children and bring them to me, Jesus is come as the single, blood bearer of sin, (curse of death and judgment), not the American Dream.
-Its strange Maaseiah how is it, it’s only at this time of DIVINE RAPTURE they can well see and argue the innocence of the children. It as though we’re not to realize it is mankind, especially those of the so labored free world which has been a genocide to children since day one, we know that’s what abortion is. That every day we awake in third world and warring countries we’re looking at various forms of genocide designing children and their parents daily lives, even the growing pedophilia of children. Do we stop to think how many of them die doing these unthinkable sexual acts.
-Also, I’ve read the reports that hundreds of thousands of women and children die annually because of America and those allying her sanctions, death Maaseiah truly isn’t the anomaly here, even regarding children. Which you guys I’m afraid will explain why there will be even greater hatred of God and His Anointed doing these ever to be again, beastly times, the disappearing of only the Specialty Saints entire household. As you guys were talking I sat contemplating through scripture, God being the same today, yesterday and forever, as you Maaseiah inquired, when was there a time at the pouring out of His wrath did God specifically move children out of the way?
-So Lion Wolf this mean according to the disappearing of all children act, God is going to do something He has never done in scripture before, that this is a new thing, right? There are no new demonstrations, God isn’t going to after thousands of years change His policies regarding how to rid the earth of all sin with an old heart to new heart human blood redemption in toll. All that is beyond miraculous, with Jesus citing how not one title of God’s word will passed away until all is fulfilled, that heaven and earth will pass away first.
-Thus as always until God’s Kingdom reign this unjustified perplexity come, even the History Channel version, at mankind yet refusing to simply even amply believe God according to His Will, promised and prophesied from the beginning of the first Adam. Thus I say with my Lord, get to the alters of repentance that is in your knees and suffer (deny the children the corrupting world) and bring them to Him, The Second Adam, Christ Jesus the Savoir Of the World, for He alone has overcome the world (Satan’s Seat, Jezebel, The NWO). Apb, The RAM, www.thetruthlooter14.blogspot.com

P. S. I see a darkness descending, make sure you have plenty of emergency supplies, (see infowars.com, stores), water, candles, flashlights, non-perishable, first aid kits, even emergency bags, grab bags I call them… dont be alarmed, it's nothing more than preparing for a storm you know is come www.whatifdday14.blogspot.com

Monday, December 29, 2014

Learn A Parable Of The March!

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The History Channel teaching on end times, even Armageddon is today, 9/8 central, I just need you to remember, it is not scripture from Genesis to Revelation that all churches will be taken out, nor all children (then his blood be upon us and our children! The apostate Israel, suffer the little children and bring them to me, the redeemer, Israel). So that the righteous will no longer suffer with the unrighteousness, only the blood washed, Christ’s Cross faithful found worthy (robe white), doing this very second will be snatched out of the hands of its forever persecutor. I suggest with fear and trembling you watch this program, seeing Hollywood producers and private organizations did such horrible mockeries of the Rapture, (Left Behind Series), Noah’s Ark and the Exodus, Moses stories of scriptural bibliography. Beware, Apb. The RAM www.thekillingroom14.blogspot.com

I saw the Specialty Saints I like to call them shoot from the earth like fire rockets into the heavens above," Voice Of The Martyred, www.the7thtrump.blogspot.com

Learn A Parable Of The March 12/29/2014

-Except Their Come A Falling Away (an wakening) first, every march and protestor in this nation and around the world though they won’t admit it, are all pictures of person after person waking up to who the enemy really is. That the give us Barabbas (Obama, Hussein, More America) cry instead of Israel's King. Jesus, the single blood redeemer of the world has all metamorphose into the lying, thieving, murderer the Christ of God day one forewarn us of, but what do they do with such Divine Revelation?
-There is a call to arms that they kill or be killed, that they revolt against their leaders, I admit, these are the ones the crying God I witnessed along a silence in heaven blamed for stripping His People of everything Jesus Christ, “behold I will strip their leaders.” That it is then this God of god crying aloud, vengeance is mine I will repay, read the biblical version of the Exodus regarding Moses, the Hebrews and the Egyptians story.
-Meaningfully you have been or you are from your mother's womb deceived and thus prepared unto the wrong future, and it’s not that you didn’t know this, you just been playing like this follow the erroneous leader game, a genocide made the American Dream, with all you’re worth for an eternity intact. No longer as those being reminded the future of the mankind God hath made and yes, He only made one, has been realized by the throne of God especially since the birth of the woman seed. The second Adam, the blood potentate crying aloud, sparing not, the Kingdom of God is at hand, the Kingdom (not of men), but of God is at hand!
-I listen to this minister a day or so passed who was testifying at how so many so labored Christians are angry at the thought or reality of a post trib rapture, one that she herself alluded to. Although I admit there is no such thing, that Jesus as surely as He promised the Disciples He was going to prepared them mansions in heaven. That just as scripturally will take the blessed dead unto the faithful living, the emphasis being on the faithful living out before the anti-Christ reveal. Meaning, there can be no anti-Christ rise, no mark of the beast, no Gog and Magog, no fulfillment of end time eschatology period, before the Righteous Bride is taken out. Although those of you who worship assembly more than the Christ Lord Jesus sincerely, you’re not counted with this number anyway.
-As I expressed just a day passed, more people need to be concern about the sin issue in their heart, mind, soul, in their lives preventing them of Jesus Christ, thus of escaping the Winepress (wrath) of God to come, than when this remarkable event will perform itself. Remember the horde of apostate saints thinking they knew Him (served Him), came to Him for to be rewarded by Him. That Jesus cast them all off regardless of their great works of assembly because the sin lineage to their heart, unto daily performances of transgressing flesh yet remain. Jesus is not, cannot return for a people who’re in sin, He cannot bring sin into God’s Kingdom, He died to present unto God the Father, a sinless Potentate, at this time this not the church world, but the washed white, church Bride, so be angry at the sin you’re in and repent! www.straitisthegate14.blogspot.com
-If you are being admonished to march, to protest even revolt, as Jones would say this is proof that you are the resistance I just pray you’re doing it while you’re looking in a mirror reflection of yourself. For it is there, right there, from within, from the heart is the primary, underlining problem all mankind has, all. Truly, being that it is God who hath made, us, the first Adam, it is God who has remade us, the second Adam, it is God who has redeemed us, the Christ Lord Jesus of resurrection. Evidently, delivering all mankind according to that one single human being. That only by His Grace can they now regulate unto righteousness or the lack, the hatred thereof, heart. This is impossible with man I know, this proven by how they’ve fallen so, it’s only made possible by God, to restore the man by Satanic devices, lost. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb, The RAM www.beholdthemystery14.blogspot.com, www.whatif2012.blogspot.com

Monday, December 22, 2014

Whom The Lord Set Free!

Happy Holidays you guys, may God Our Father be with you here on earth or in the Heavens Above, truly be blessed, you and yours, Voice and fellowship of the martyrs,

Mary Did You Know, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiL993FK0y4

Prophecy Links

-Seen to be seeing a controversial note, letter, a scandal of sorts targeting the Whitehouse which is to then cause nationwide panic, chaos and repeated forms of vicious attacks. All of the above when a white (pure, redeemed) woman’s cry toward heaven cause the heavens to cry out in it’s own voice, in her own hearing, “A Day Before Christmas.” There’s something about the day before Christmas, about December, 24th about Christmas eve, a form of divine intervention gloriously on the map 12/10/2008

Whom The Lord Set Free Is Free Indeed! 12/22/2014 www.straitisthegate14.blogspot.com

-This is not mockery, this young man is just stating the obvious, using bondages against the woman as blinders for men to keep them from sin has always been immense failure for them both, it’s why there are things going on in the church world (not Church Bride), that can make Pedophile Priest look like Angels from God. The Holy Spirit looked at this mounting evil (mass assembly) recently and replied these people need to fall in love with God, believe me, this isn’t a dress problem, it’s a heart issue. So riddle this end time Apostle this, how do you cause an entire abominable world, beginning with America’s Apostate Sanctuaries to fall in love with God? Meaning, when Sharia Law is practiced by Islam, this is not about the woman transgressions, it is man trying not to be provoked into sin by using her dress attire to cover their eyes when that actually provoking him to sin is from within, from the heart, repent, there’s no getting over or around it.
-Honestly, I don’t believe Prophetess Bebe is trying to be right, but righteous, the religious leaders according to Moses law were right, but there was nothing righteous about them nor their corrupt rudiments lead captive to heaven by Christ’s Cross. It's why Jesus teach, you must be born again, you must deny self (mortify the flesh). It's Jesus teaching on being judge at unwashed hands (see Mark 7:14-23). Don't you see, you guys are talking about all these various forms of getting around repentance to Christ's Cross, once Jesus is Heart and Head continuously, gradually, this Holy Spirit alone sanctifies the entire body (Temple), inside and out. Don't walk around with binders and blinders on trying to save yourself from the natural act of sin shaped in the heart, get into Jesus, Let Him get into you, this is the blood battle He fought and won.
-This Apostle is saying, for every scripture that binds there is one which can set free, this is called righteously dividing the word of truth. The danger here is hundreds, even thousands of people are being told they can’t marry, do you know what a heinous manner of miscalculation this is alone? Let’s first think of Apostle Paul’s teaching, there’s one where he’s describing how man is ruler over the woman because the man was first formed, then the woman, then just as soon he realize, the man is also from the woman, and both from God, here ended this debate, see here, (I Cor. 11: 11-16).
-There’s another teaching of Apostle Paul, where again he places the woman into all manners of binds and bondages, how sin entered the world by the woman, but so would, has the Blood Redeemer unto salvation. How the woman ought to be silent, yet she shall be saved in child bearing, slaying the enmity thereby restoring one new man, see Here ((I Tim. 2:11-15), Eph. 2:15.16). The Holy Spirit is not, the emphasis is on, will not have us ignorant nor enslaved, thus binding and putting something as natural as marriage into a choke hold of uncertainty is Satanic even Demonic.
-My concern isn’t that Prophetess Pamela Bebe is wrong, Holy Scripture is never wrong, but that this message has a lot of potential bondage and that completely grieves the Holy Spirit having given us a Gospel of Faith, Liberty and freedom. Holy Spirits just as I end this post remind me, to remind you of my own seeming unforeseen testimonial of such issues, so this is an insert. How they took two acts of whoredom, two acts of adultery and an act of abortion all repented to Christ’s Cross and shaped a beautiful thirty year marriage, unto an amazing thirty year ministry of Jesus Christ, unto just as so this phenomenal thirty year Apostleship of Jesus Christ, as nothing is impossible to those who love God and are called according to His, Their purpose.
-How? Because God’s forgiveness, by Christ’s Cross no longer considers transgressions committed before repentance to Christ’s Cross, meaning Christ is right now waiting on you to repent of sin, even that you were born sin. This mean If I’d seen, watched and believed this video first, none of this would have been possible, none of it. Understand, God’s thoughts people are not our thoughts, His Ways are not our ways, (see sermon on the mound, Matt. 5th chapt.). As far as the earth is from the heaven, so are God’s Thoughts as far from man, and His Ways passed finding out. We must ask the Holy Spirit to help us rightly divide the word of truth, only God’s form of righteousness (forgiveness) is truth, setting the captives free.
-As I dozed into a sleep the Holy Spirit cause me to wonder why it is Jesus first recorded miracle, ‘water into wine,’ was doing a marriage ceremony? Upon the Church Bride arrival into heaven, she’s to be adorn in white, for White is for the Righteous of the Saints preparing Her, not unto a wedding but unto a Wedding Supper. The actual repentance to Christ’s Cross is the Covenant Vow which bind us to our Spiritual Husband, it is the wedding, thus we’re bidden to its Wedding Supper. We now being the Temple of God, is this inconceivable reunion of the man no longer made twain, but one new man celebrated doing each sacred, matrimonial intercourse, this extraordinary happenchance that mankind often like Christ’s Cross is deprived of worshiping carnality (whoredom)the more.
-A young man through his revelations of hell testifies of a person having thirty years of ministry, of bringing people to Christ who was now in hell because she wasn’t able to forgive her husband, if you’re going to stay faithful to someone unto death, you’re going to have to be able to forgive. It is here you’re to remember, only the pure (Jesus Christ) in, at heart will see, will make an appearing with God. Let’s use Him, Jesus for an example, if Jesus had not righteously divided the Laws of God, Moses, the woman caught in adultery never could’ve been forgiven, the Law of Moses forbade it. The man with the thirty-something year old bed never could’ve walked, healed on the Sabbath, the Law of Moses for bade it. The man born blind (I once was blind but now I see), never would’ve received his sight, healed on the Sabbath, the Law of Moses forbade it.
-Certainly, most of all, Lazarus coming out of the grave, Jesus ultimate proof he was the Christ of resurrection never could’ve happen, performed on the Sabbath, Moses Law forbade it. This is why Jesus, said to be born of a woman, said to be born under the law, to redeem those under the law committed all these miracles in the manner in which He did. It wasn’t so much to discredit Moses Law, but to revise them all according to grace, forgiveness, and truth, yes in this order. He being the fulfillment thereof, for we’re saved by Grace, (Christ’s Cross), we’re restored to God’s Kingdom by His forgiveness (Christ’s Cross) and revised spiritually by its truth, (Christ’s Cross), God’s word is truth, (Christ’s Cross).

"If any of you had a sheep which fell into a ditch on the Sabbath day, would he not take hold of it and pull it out?" JCON

-Justly so, hundreds, even thousands of people who’re now left in marriage limbo is very concerning, for one according to the righteousness of God, a man is to leave home at taking his own wife upon himself. To be used as a revision the Apostle Paul describe how he wish all were like him, didn’t need to marry, but he rather we marry than burn. That’s burn in one’s flesh and for most unrepentant, in hells fire. Then there’s Jesus talking to the woman at Jacob’s well testing her loyalty, asked her about her husband. Knowing she’d been married five times and that the man at present wasn’t her husband, why? If marriage to God is us entering into sexual relations with others, how many spouses do we have? Can we even count them, can we be forgiven of them all? As they were all acts of sin, thus ignorance and foolishness.
-The Apostle Paul said he hath not known sin except the law hath said thou shalt not covet. So what is this Apostle saying the more? I’m saying if these marriage covenants weren’t entered into with God and most of them weren’t. The heart of man is first sin and therefore cannot commune nor enter into a covenant with God nor God with them, despite these churches and so labored pastors. If this was so, this would mean marriages of same sex partners are bless by God, as they’re performed in churches by so labored men of the clothe (spiritual leaders). This would then mean marriages out of true covenants with God are nothing more than performances of the flesh, meaning what to man are legal, binding manners of matrimonial to God are transgressions.
-I’ll simply end this post as to reiterate what Apostle said, I would rather that you don’t marry, but man was created and thus born to be intercourse with a mate of opposite identities. Though if there is no need of this manner of relationship with a significant other, then God bless you accordingly. Though if there is a need, and you desire to enter into a marriage covenant with both God and this significant other. Just you take heed, only the born-again can enter into sacred matrimony with God anything else would be hypocritical and thus an offense against God. This mean the non-sacred marriage you’re in if both who now have this understanding of Christ, in Christ, if both agree said marriage can be made into an authentic covenant with God.
-Let this be a warning, it is best not to make a covenant vow with God, than to make one and not keep it. Then if one simply want to marry, both walking in the spirit of forgiveness and thus judging a person not by their outer appearance, but fruits of the heart. Being reunited with a special mate, this isn’t very hard, if this is sincerely what you want, with God knowing the heart He will bring someone to you. Even one who is best for you, to be totally honest I simply pray His will be done concerning the desires of His own forged, formed Apostle. Since He know what’s best, it is impossible for me to then get this wrong. Thus He’ll bring someone to you who will love you and as Christ toward the Church Bride remain faithful to you until death or Christ’s millennium Reign.
-Holy, Living Scripture again, describes Christ as being born under the law, to redeem those under (bound by), the law, it’s the Apostle Paul warning how, though he or an angel from heaven come preaching any other gospel to you, let them be accursed. True heart modification has its foundation in Christ’s Cross, it must come first, it can only begin with Him, it is said, nothing on the planet take on remission, except by shedding of blood (see slain Lamb Of God, Jesus). I know this is not why most people go to church, church is mankind’s offering to God for forgiveness of sin, and like the religious leaders of Jesus day, their temple is vastly more important than that of God’s Temple. This is all evident and why there must come a falling away from organized religion, first.
-On the other hand, most divine Jesus by His Blood is God’s offering to man, the only one given under heaven, for the forgiveness of sin. That this Lamb of God for mankind has offered Himself once and is now sat down at the right hand of the Father until His enemies are made his footstool. This is why mankind’s heart, shaped deceitfully and despitefully wicked, provoked continuously thereby, though unless blood sacrifices are made, change is impossible. This is why Jesus admonished all looking to be born again, coming after Him, that they do the one thing no one wants to do, and that’s deny themselves.
-That’s denounce the flesh, surrendering all to the trusted Lords of blood redemption. So they, incapable of making such the like sacrifices of themselves and all they treasure as lives, lands and churches, like modified assembly into their own form of righteousness toward God, but He cannot, (see Matt. 7:44). Actually, it’s like Satan taking the curse of death and making it into a nation of liberty and justice for all, yet it’s nothing other than a curse of death with judgment and hell pending. This mean mass assembly is nothing more than taking the darkness (evil) mankind love more than Light (Jesus) and shaping it into a twi-light, a worldly formation of knowledge, wisdom and philosophy where in all actuality failing to acknowledge God's Will, it’s nothing more than this laboring unto mass failure, continuing to forfeit the soul’s ever-last, Jesus Christ.
-Caden Makhi decided upon yogurt, Miya Monae, an apple peeled just right and I grabbed an orange, by the time Caden finished his yogurt I’d cut my orange in two, ready to feed of its fruit and juice leaving nothing but the peel, the only way to eat an orange, right? Then he say grandma I want one of your oranges and I go, Cay, it’s just one orange cut in two, fitting them back together, and he goes and now you have two oranges. I’m like no it’s still one orange, like God I say, He created one man and He split Him into two making a male and female, then he made them husband and wife making them one man again. I smiled and I said, isn’t that beautiful, Caden was already smiling and he said, yes, grandmar that’s beautiful, but he still wanted one of my now two oranges. Happy Holidays you guys, be blessed in the Lord Christ and in the Power of His Might, As to pluck Ambers from the burning, beware, Apb, The RAM www.yourchurchcondemnsix.blogspot.com

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We Shall Behold HIM!

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"You will hurt, you will bleed, but just as soon you will be in paradise with Jesus, Christian Parents, the only ones Children are to obey, teaching their Children how to die in Christ Jesus, just you imagine, Voice Of The Martyrs, www.ministercaden14.blogspot.com

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“Seen to be busying my way around the kitchen, the stove, when the Holy Spirit start speaking to me, “soon the Church-Bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the Tribulation Saints as the anti-Christ is given power to overcome Them,” 2011/12

“We Shall Be Hold Him!” 12/21/2014

-It is melted into the midst of my bowels, with a certain familiarity to it, as they watch my life and death struggle staying true to it. My beloved was dying, what was life eventually taken away, unto a heart smattered to pieces, even this my own faith. For days and days these very words repeated in my head, God’s visible heart, this anxiety doeth Rome, this mourning unto rejoicing, His Son was coming home. It can’t be without shedding of blood, as there is no remission otherwise, fear had entered, misery longest to last, the unthinkable, the unthinkable, unbearably brought to pass.
-So when are we going to push it all away, how long will I wait for them to say? If you’re going to behead my sons I don’t want it, if you’re going to rape my daughters I don’t want it. If my brothers are going to be burn alive and my sisters maimed and mocked, as God divine, His very Own this lost, I don’t want it, no more holocaust.
-I know it’s the price, like you, I’ve always known, I’m walking in the blood of all the horrible stories told, from Adam’s Earth, to mighty nations of men, they killed and slaughtered and taken all that’s willed. Though we’ve gained the more, meaning the blood debt we owe, that all we survey is all battered and torn. Now with gore in our eyes, a glass of thorns, a jagged swallow, has thicken on our tongue, how bitter and sweet is the day He was Born.
-By floods, fire and massive wars spilled on God’s Holy Land, with so much done at His own command, so much suffered that HIS BLOOD SHED be fulfilled, better our Creator than cold hearted will. He know I’ve seen it, and he wasn’t so pleased, I witness his wilderness of slaughter, his ceaseless killing fields. It so enraged him, he growl with much might, seeing he was defeated, yet he chose to fight.
-So one manslayer I witness passed away, another, greater dawn only to seal this, his fate, coming to devour, rising to do much harm, cuddled into the Messiah’s breast I wasn’t to be alarmed. The Lion’s Den Daniel, what a perfect place to pray, what a perfect place to sincerely seek God’s Face. How long O Lord lament the Martyrs Cry, Instead of crucifying Their Lord, for Him they’ve chosen to die, to kneel at His Feet, to forgive their enemies, it was when we were together, slaying still this beast. Now no more wars, no more battlefields, no more fighting and no more cuss, the Ancient of Days hath Reign, no more holocaust. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, beware, Apb, The RAM www.lordurusalem.blogspot.com

-Happy Holidays you guys, may God Our Father be with you here on earth or in the Heavens Above, truly be blessed, you and yours….Apb
Mary Did You Know, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiL993FK0y4

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

And He Became A Living Soul!

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! Voice and Fellowship of the Martyrs, www.straitisthegate14.blogspot.com


Prophecy Link

A Voice Declaring: A Prayer For Teens, teens in mortal danger, in Jihad for their souls ever-last 2007

And He Became A Living Soul 12/20/2014

-Suicide is not an exit, it is not a get off the earth free card, the Supreme who is long suffering toward us. The one I experienced crying and sobbing uncontrollably causing me to sob as well behind this inconceivable silence in heaven, has done, is doing everything He can to reach out to you, to bring you back as a lost sheep into the fold and He the bloody Sheep Herder. He know that once the veil of illusion is lifted and you're to see all about this world, even the American Dream is nothing but this artificial loan. This master deceiver of its own predatory lending of both Satanic and Demonic profiteering after all to mock God’s will, at you, at every human being on this earth, losing their immortal, soul, thou shalt not kill.
-God crying, sobbing, how His people are dying (deceived), how they’re being stripped of everything Jesus Christ? I know how that sound, but John himself doing the opening of the seven seals also witness a silence in heaven, he described as being about the space of half an hour. With the prophet Isaiah testifying God lamenting to him, how His People perish and no man lay it heart, how Merciful Men are lost as though none consider the Righteous are taken out of the evil to come, are taken out, the only way to leave this earth with your immortal soul intact.
-You can’t use death, well the only way to use death to save yourself is by the Cross of Jesus crying aloud, whoever believeth in me shall never die, that though they be dead yet like Him, shall they be made alive. Won’t you realize how incredibly blessed you are to be reading this post right now. There are so many people already fooled, so many already taken of by this truth looter, the liar and murderer from the beginning destined for hell’s fire. That’s he to then cause as many human beings to forfeit the immortal that only seem to be these destitute souls, that you forget our God Christ alone Reign. Uncontrollably you were born heir to this earth and man, now with that said, realized, you only have one original goal, one purpose and prize, and that is be born again by giving Jesus your life (your heart’s blood).
-It’s called life because originally that is what it was meant to be, before the disobedience, before the bloodline was tainted so, before the fall and you, mankind being born, cursed accordingly. I know there are few on this earth still who can tell you these things, who can describe it all to you this way, but you’re shaped this curse in your mother’s womb. That only you by God making of Himself sinless Flesh, yes this is how much He love you, how much He love mankind, halleluiah great is the mystery of GODLINESS! The Supreme Creator of all things we know to be this earth and beyond the universe, yes did this for you, did this for me so your soul could have a fighting chance not to as the flesh die for an eternity, but to by a rebirth in His redeeming blood, the Holy Spirit, Living word, Christ be Heir to God’s throne forever breaking the curse of death. Beware, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb, the RAM, read further here, www,thetruthlooter14.blogspot.com

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Friday, December 19, 2014

With The Angels Of Heaven

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"Church Bells Now Silent!" Voice of The Martyred, www.straitisthegate14.blospot.com, www.ministercaden14.blogspot.com

You Might Want To Watch This Video First, It's an hour long, but it's worth it...

Amazing Grace How, Sweet the Sound, 12/18/2014

-This is why God judges the heart of man, and thank HIM beyond heaven and the universe for that, everything else is so insignificant, what we think, what we do, what we believe, what we have is all vanity, a reaching for the wind, all! The intrepid dream automobile, the time table given America, 2001, whose driver side door open and I tumbled from it to my feet to watch it go on without me, which I characterized as the Grace Of God, was as what was descried of Michael’s Robe, it too was white trimmed in gold. That although I with my fellowman would be made to comprehend this inconceivable cataclysm that was upon America, the Free World, we're to see, God by the Holy Spirits are ever present.
-Don’t you get it? The entire Heavenly Host fight for us, they fight on our side, do you know how astronomically amazing that is. This is what I’ve been ministering to people, that when we call on the Holy Spirits intervention we actually have the entire Heavenly Host at our marshal, that they’re all poised in one manner or another to come to our rescue. I’m trying to make this short but I’ve been doing this nearly thirty years and there is still so much to share, it Jesus explaining to Disciple, how much He had to share with them but they couldn't bear it, still they would see things, hear things and be made a party to things like none other.
-A Few years ago I found myself in a dream, in the dream it was shown to me, o reassured me I guess how I was surrounded all around by angels. I tell you there wasn’t a place I could look and there wasn’t an angel in place in my stead, all around. If I was to tell you I was really, really impressed and overwhelming blessed by this revelation I wasn’t at all, I think like you, like mankind on this earth for so long, I’d been terrorized too long to get too excited. It would be a few months later before I would realize why they revealed this beyond miracle to me.
-A month later the husband and I were out doing the yard, and as usual, I was talking to him about spiritual things, and he moved in kind of unfriendly like and he said, you know some of the things you say can get you hurt. The entire Heavenly Host as this witness, just as he said that, no respond of my own, zero, it’s not like he haven’t said it before, only this time I felt like this army of angels just enveloped and engulf me like this sudden armor of God, all around and through, as to say you have to come through us first.
-It so revised me I never talked about it, never told anyone until recently, though the dream where angels where seen all around was given to me possibly because heaven knew I would suffer the death of my for nearly thirty years husband about five or so months later and how completely devastating that would be for me thus the psalm of Jesus crucifixion exclaims “my heart is like wax, it is melted into the midst of my bowels.”

Grace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67qHsTUAocs,

-I ask you to remember when the Angel Gabriel appeared to the prophet Daniel, (appeared to this Apostle, Me, May 2004, regarding the fulfillment of all things mankind, the sounding of the seventh angel). Just as so explaining to Daniel why an answer to his prayer hadn’t arrived but for 21 days later. The Angel Gabriel explained first how his appearing there to him was because he was greatly beloved, that his prayer was heard day one and that an answer would have arrived to him sooner but the Prince of Persia (a territorial spirit) withstood him 21 days until Michael.
-Astonishing, the same Archangel Michael this young man is describing, came and fought with him, making them able to now come to Daniel’s aid. When I awaken I was kneeling as to like kiss His feet, when made to rise up I begin to realize I was standing with Him, Jesus on the Mount of Olivet. That's with this Son of God, the Archangel Michael’s Armies of Heaven, as so here I was, you, the Church Bride was, making ready with Them, as described by the prophet Zechariah, of this single day of twilight, to come and intervene in the battle of Armageddon. Of Jesus destroying it, them all with the Sword of His mouth (biblical prophecy fulfillment) and the brightness of His Coming, what I most remember is how sweet, fresh and cool the air was up there. Truly my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, we have with the Holy Spirits been to the mountain top, we’ve wedged the final battle and won, we’ve walked through the streets of a war torn Israel crying, what are these wounds in thine hand?
-I never talk about it, as it was written with fear and trembling, and every time I share it, it’s with fear and trembling not wanting to offend our Lord God. I created this work long before I had the manner of revelation knowledge shown here, but I believe, though it is fictional it's based on so many various dreams, visions, visitation to heaven, and heaven visiting me, that you will by it at least find a temporal rest unto your soul. Instead of a fairytale I’ve come to call it a deitytale, here at www.lordurusalem.blogspot.com ). I believe the work will give you some idea of what Holy Spirits through the Apostle Paul meant when they declared, we wrestle not against flesh and blood.
-That the true enemies are powers, principalities and the workers of iniquity in high places. That by God’s Will, we only have one flesh and one blood, that’s one mankind, the apostle John described them as either the children of God, (White (sinless), People) or the children of the devil (Gray (unrepentant) people). The color gray is described as being neither black or white, (hot nor cold), but either a watered down version of black or a tainted manner of white, I guess you can say it’s neutral, mingled, and is no longer certain nor trustworthy, thus in the words of my, our Lord and Christ, I say, repent or perish, as to pluck ambers from the burning, beware, Apb, The RAM www.whatif2012.blogspot.com

Midnight Cry, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rpQ3HFFMUk

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holy Frankenstein Monster!

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"Church Bells Now Silent!" Voice of The Martyred, www.straitisthrgate14.blospot.com

Your Curse Remain! 12/18/2014

-First Rick Ross, now, Jakari Jackson, sound like a falling out among Frankenstein designers, when are they going to realize they have no power over that fueling or that founding various bouts of evil on this planet? Soiled accordingly, blood lineage and all, fallen short of God’s Glory, ye must be born again! This is Jesus explaining how the thief Satan has come but for to steal, kill and destroy, and if you’re not laboring for, toward or according to Christ’s Cross, then regardless of the potential good, you’re laboring after Satan’s seat. There’s no neutral ground here, there has never been a middle-of-the-road where undecided man could stand afar off of the sin nature designed in his heart. Even in the blood, soul, even from their first parents to obey God or perish, meaning death, judgment and for the mass majority hell.
-This again mean regardless of all the good you think you’ve done, is doing and even plan to do, your sins yet remind were Christ Himself has already admitted for some two thousand years now He will disown you, even spit you out of His Mouth. Meaningfully unless you’re by His Blood Sacrifice washed (redeemed) and made white (sinless), you’re all the more cursed. Don’t be deceived, when you stand before God doing the final hour, the great white throne judgment it’s called, it’s not going to matter who you are, despite your ingenious excuses, but who and what Christ’s relation in your heart, blood and thus soul is.
-This is why one of the first lesson taught by Him of religious leaders (apostate Christianity, mass assembly), was, is, ye must be born again. By man, the first Adam sin and death entered into the world, God only made one man, thus is mankind’s blood lineage cursed therein. That, as so by one man, the woman seed, Jesus, again, God only made one, a rebirthing of, by blood redemption, Holy Spirit of the first man has salvation unto eternal life also entered into the world. It is that crying aloud, who do men say that I am? With an anointed Disciple/Apostle Peter replying, thou art the Christ, the son of the Live God. As to pluck ambers from the burning, beware, Apb, the RAM www.newlyhearted2014.blogspot.com

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For Strait Is The Gate

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"Church Bells Now Silent!" Voice of The Martyred, www.straitisthrgate14.blospot.com

"You will hurt, you will bleed, but just as soon you will be in paradise with Jesus, Christian Parents, the only ones Children are to obey, teaching their Children how to die in Christ Jesus, just you imagine, Voice Of The Martyred, www.ministercaden14.blogspot.com

Prophecy Links

-Seen to be looking into a specific list of names, like the names written in the Lamb’s Book of life, fulfillment of end times mightily on the map 04/27/2014

Strait Is The Gate and Few 12/18/2014

-Isn't this just another live to die another day story? Parents in red and hot zones are teaching their children how to die Jesus style. That’s how to save a life, which later maybe the saving of a soul, I know it's possibly sacrificing your temporal life, the Holy Spirits decision. Though, is it as well Peter’s sword attacking Christ’s accusers and Jesus needing to bear his father’s cup, crying he that live by the sword (violence), die by the sword, this people is the only good, the only good celebrative death and dying, where Jesus is Lord.
-Have any of you stop to realize how this child now has to live with the fact justified or not, he took somebodies life? Those of you who really believe in God know, people don't just die, you take a life justified or not, you put that person soul's in danger, as so yours. This is why Jesus prayed father forgive, He wasn't trying to save those people lives, not even he could do that. People are going to die, you, you're going to die, by this prayer Jesus was securing time guilty or not, that their souls might be saved unto ones immortal life’s resurrection.
-By Christ’s Cross securing your soul, and the soul's of others to God's Kingdom is more important than anything on this planet. Like Him, we’re to die before we jeopardize not another’s person’s life, but their soul’s ever last, if you love him, them more, die! Though every person reading here know this, Jesus didn’t come to teach us how to live, he came to teach us how to die, abundant life is to die in Christ, setting all your treasures above abundantly as so, everything else is a temporal loan disguised to corrupt the truth, only God’s Living Word is Truth.
-The Holy Spirit wasn’t sent to teach us how to save our lives, or the lives of others, he was sent to help us die good deaths only possible in Christ. The Church Bride, the few, the same as her Lord, infiltrated by His Holy Spirit, possessed with His identical Gospel Message, made without hands, it is right now teaching all who will hear. All who will take heed, how to use the curse of death all mankind is born to, to gain for all eternity life in the Holy Spirit, an Heir by Christ’s blood, to God’s throne, in which flesh and blood (the apostate church can’t) cannot inherit, thus she cry, bleed, die, Repent or Perish!
-Doing channel surfing last night, 05/03/2014, I witnessed this minister give a testimonial about some part of Africa where he was baptizing a few men who’d confessed Jesus Christ. That he was then told by these new converts that now that they’d converted to Jesus they can no longer return home. Seemingly, they’re now outcast to all whom they love, trust and obey (honored), (parents, siblings, friends and children), remember when Jesus family come looking for him, remember what He said? See Mark. 3:31-35. How many of you have ever in your life even considered making these manners of sacrifices for God, let alone actually practice (chanced), such the reproach?
-Just you listen, death is imminent and now that Jesus has come, death can be used for something other than the worthlessness we labor after all our lives, this useless reaching for the wind. To be frank, with suicide being a pending epidemic mean you ‘re too crazy about yourselves, forget about you and re-consider what you can do with the very situation God has placed you in. I can tell you, whatever state you’re in, it can be rehabilitated and twisted into not only an accurate worship of God, again by Christ’s Cross, which must come first.
-Just as well, is there also that to be fashioned as an outreach unto those who don’t believe, so praise God if you’ve lost this life and you know it. Hallelujah to Him, If you’ve lost all control, it is His word which remind us the world we see is not made of that in which actually appear, that unrepentant mankind look through a mirror darkly, set your treasures above. The only good that’s to come of your revelations is that you by Christ’s Cross realize it and through the sweetest surrender redesign it, thus is your reward in heaven.
-Just you read the gospel, see what Jesus did with this curse of death that He brought upon Himself for our, your sake, (SINS), although His was the ultimate, as He rose from death three days later. There were twelve followers, eleven of which as well took the curse of death and by way of the Sword of the Spirit, (faith in Jesus, the Christ of God) killed themselves off by remaking of themselves this Holiness unto the Lord Father, redeeming in all like manner unto this very second millions unto this unspeakable Lamb Of God’s Throne. That Specialty Gospel (apocalypse), crying aloud, sparing not, “blessed are the dead that die in the Lord Jesus Christ, that they might rest from their labors and their works (SACRIFICES), do follow them.”
-So a fourteen year old kill to save himself, his grandmothers, even to avenge his father’s murder to safeguard the home and worldly treasures today. Another fourteen year old take this same gun to school and slaughter as many as he can before killing himself. One we argue is a hero, the other a drug addict while the killing tool fades into the distant yonder poised to kill not just life, but an immortal soul cast screaming, crying and begging into hell’s fire for all time. No, I’m not delusional, I'm an Apostle of Jesus Christ, this boy did what he’s been trained to do, as those boys recently allowing themselves to be beheaded for christ’s sake, were doing what their faith in Christ has trained them to do. I’m just stating the difference is why there are billions of more people,, Souls, in hell, than in heaven. Thus, here enters the authentic million dollar question, will you ever grow up (see Christ's Cross)? Or will you serve Satan, this curse of death judgment and hell all your lives? Beware, Apb, The RAM, www.ministercaden14.blogspot.com

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Behold The Woman Seed!

"Behold The Root Of David Hath Prevailed!" Voice Of the Martyred, www.newlyhearted2014.blogspot.com

A Poster Said: This is the argument I've always used to explain why the God of the Bible is not the god of the Koran. Even if the name is the same, the people bearing the name are not.

A Virgin Shall Conceive 12/11/2014

-Did Isaac and Ishmael have the same father? Yes, they did, were they through this one father admonished to serve Abraham's One Great God? Yes they were, did Isaac and Ishmael have the same mother? No they did not, Isaac’s mother Sarah was chosen to bear the lineage that would give birth to the woman seed, as had been promised Mother Eve.
-On the other hand Ishmael mother, Hagar, she was instead chosen to give birth to a seed in bondage to the original sin, they would both wax great as their father’s seed. Though this is where their faith/fate would part ways, (this holy Jihad), same earthly father, same God in heaven, separate blood redeemers and only one acceptable by God as a strait passageway to His Throne in Heaven.
-That in which had been prophesied by the prophets of old, that one day a virgin of Isaac's bloodline would conceive, bring forth a Son, His name would be called Jesus for He would be mankind's Blood Redeemer, behold the Lamb Of God/Seed Of David hath prevailed.
-That’s people all mankind, because regardless of how fragmented they are there is only one mankind, those of every nation, tribe, tongue, kingdom and people that would believe Jesus is the Christ. That He is the Son/Savior appointed of the Living God in Heaven. It is that remarkable being explained here yourchurchcondemnsix.blogspot.com by, Spirit River Artelon to his cousin Christian Dove Artelon, as to pluck ambers from the burning, beware, Apb, the RAM, www.straitisthegate14.blogspot.com,

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sin-Bad, Nazi Moms

Faceoff, The Apostle's Response to CNN report how Ex. V. Pres. Cheney Says He Will Order Those Tortured Over Again!

"You Cannot Kill Our Souls!" Voice Of The Martyred, www.straitisthegate14.blogspot.com
"We Will Not Leave Christ!" Voice Of The Martyred, www.newlyhearted2014.blogspot.com

Prophecy Links

-Seen to be seeing fire like a sword from behind prison bars target President Bush 2003
-Seen To Be seeing in huge, bold letters, the two part word, SIN-BAD, as so a voice declaring: Nazi Moms, the time of great desolation mightily on the map 11/06/2014

SIN-BAD/Nazi Moms 12/11/2014

-I tried to compare Cheney’s black heart to Dark Vader, but in the end he repented, then there's Jesus betrayal Judas, although he was sorry, he just didn't know what to do with it, which was to repent. As so I’m all the more reminded of King Zedekiah of Jeremiah's day, he wanted the truth, God brought him the truth, although he was sorry, and Cheney's insubordinate spirit is the very spirit this King was warn against, he feared man more than God, thus there is yet little comparison. Regretfully there is one, like his father Satan, who had a grandfather once extremely loyal to Babylon, this head of gold he was called, King Nebuchadnezzar. Once exalted by God, was he soon made humble, with said humility bringing him to exalting Daniels God above all gods, repenting as so.
-Perhaps not being told this story over and over as a child, was Nebuchadnezzar’s grandson Belshazzar. Now this one, despite all these truths regarding his grandfather past experience with the God of all god’s and his anointed Prophet, Daniel, he openly, gladly this very night made mockery of this God of Host. Though here is similarity in spirit of each of them regarding America’s ex-vice president Cheney, this final example, of one who know, of one who understand. Even of one given every opportunity to repent but blacken through and through by pride and unforgiveness were strong delusions is to wreak havoc against the head and heart of transgressors, here for Vice President Cheney regarded the perfect analysis.
-I shared often times how the last time I witnessed an American President/Vice President act this nonchalant toward a world suffering mightily all around us and I responded, "this man is going to get us all killed." That it was then President Bush, standing on a golf course right before those towers went down and the war drums regarding a removal of the axis of evil from the planet went up. Of course that was a million lives, a towering bloodshed and multi-billions and yet counting of dollars ago. Cleverly, by a cursed blood lineage, the axis of evil is from within, out of the heart of the unrepentant as all mankind are provoked, hence you’ve been given to repent, Christ’ Bloody Cross.
-Frightfully, God hadn’t come to admonished King Belshazzar to repent, that was beyond his heart harden so, he was only to understand one thing, his reign upon the Kingdoms of men had by God been ended. For America, cursed unto an alike judgment, even a future invasion of the Medes and Persians, for nearly fifteen years now, will have its per the Intrepid Dream timetable fulfillment by Oct. 2017. Though, for King Belshazzar his Kingdom, even his life would be divided and scattered unto the Medes and Persians this very night.
-This same God doing Ezekiel's time, showing this prophet the abominable things men do behind closed doors, coin the chilling phrase of men defiling Him and His Holiness regardless of forewarning, God explain to prophet, "they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, when in reality He is long suffering toward usward not willing that any perish. Thus in the consciousness of my Lord Jesus, I now inquire, way stand you gazing, even celebrating as though these evil men have done a strange thing? For I, this end time Apostle tell you, that except you repent (not churches, ones knees, Christ Jesus’ Cross), you shall like many gone before you perish (Hell's Fire). Beware, Apb, the Ram www.intrepiddream2001.blogspot.com

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Faceoff, This Apostle's Response To 12 Disasters that can bring about the end of the world as we know it, inforwars.com 12/11/2012

"You Cannot Kill Our Souls!" Voice Of The Martyred, www.straitisthegate14.blogspot.com
"We Will Not Leave Christ!" Voice Of The Martyred, www.newlyhearted2014.blogspot.com

Prophecy Links

-Seen to be seeing fire like a sword from behind prison bars target President Bush 2003
-Seen To Be seeing in huge, bold letters, the two part word, SIN-BAD, as so a voice declaring: Nazi Moms, the time of great desolation mightily on the map 11/06/2014

A Voice Declaring: A Catastrophe upon the Earth, the end of the mankind’s reign on the earth 2014, www.thephoenix1012.blogspot.com

The Fulfillment Of All Things Is Upon Mankind, Angel Gabriel 2004 12/11/2014

-I was in this dream recently, in the dream the rapture was performing itself, I know, I’ve had many of such the like dreams, even Jesus appearing in the heavens like so calling me, us unto Himself. As so visits to God’s throne where I participated in both a trial run and a dress rehearsal regarding this blessed beyond comprehension event. Though what made this different I was made to see what insurmountable disasters happening along the four corners of the earth simultaneously look like while staying in the heavens looking down and all around, I kid you not, it was dreadfully mesmerizing.
-I was reading a book about this blessed event, now you must know, for nearly thirty years Holy Spirit have reassured me in ways and by ways unbelievable and inconceivable, even a visitation by the Angel Gabriel regarding the end of the old man and the beginning of that one by Christ’s Blood Offering, made new. I read as he stated, when this blessed gathering happen nothing will ever again on this earth be the same, though knowing this. As well comprehending it for nearly two decades straightway I became emotional and broken hearted at how horribly the world of the rebellious to apostate religion would suffer of the abomination that maketh desolate (of Anti-Christ Reign), truly like nothing on this earth ever before.
-Like in this article, you count what could be master disasters happening to this planet on a continuum until you virtually turn what? Green, purple in the face, though it is what will proceed these random forms of cataclysms which will not so much end this earth but mostly by fire restructure it. Unmistakably will be what has been preached. prophesied and forewarn toward mankind upon this earth for a times, times and the diving of time, the blessed gathering of the Church Bride. Relentlessly, not the church world that’s being described in Rev. 17, as this great whore of a woman sitting on many waters (People and Nations), but the Church Bride Jesus declared He would build upon SOUND DOCTRINE where the gates of Hell wouldn’t prevail, totally devastating religious/political rule, being described in Rev. 19th chapter, BEWARE!
-This is not the first time doing a dream, vision, visitation to heaven or heaven visiting me I’ve witness this blessed hope from the stars above, remember that one where I witnessed Specialty Saints like fire rockets shooting from the earth, into the heavens? That once there, I witnessed a cloud that became fat and fatter every time a Specialty Saints, those having lived by total surrender to Christ’s foundation of Gospel Truth. Hence, the Living Word, Spirit, Christ unto a SINLESS existence here, again were they most remarkably now being captured away forever, (see Ken Peter’s I saw tribulation). Behold I show you a mystery, we shall not all sleep (the blessed dead) but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkle of an eyes, at the last trump, for the trumpet shall and death shall be swallowed up in victory for Jesus has overcome the world. Beware, Apb The RAM, www.evacuateus14.blogspot.com