Monday, December 29, 2014

Learn A Parable Of The March!

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The History Channel teaching on end times, even Armageddon is today, 9/8 central, I just need you to remember, it is not scripture from Genesis to Revelation that all churches will be taken out, nor all children (then his blood be upon us and our children! The apostate Israel, suffer the little children and bring them to me, the redeemer, Israel). So that the righteous will no longer suffer with the unrighteousness, only the blood washed, Christ’s Cross faithful found worthy (robe white), doing this very second will be snatched out of the hands of its forever persecutor. I suggest with fear and trembling you watch this program, seeing Hollywood producers and private organizations did such horrible mockeries of the Rapture, (Left Behind Series), Noah’s Ark and the Exodus, Moses stories of scriptural bibliography. Beware, Apb. The RAM

I saw the Specialty Saints I like to call them shoot from the earth like fire rockets into the heavens above," Voice Of The Martyred,

Learn A Parable Of The March 12/29/2014

-Except Their Come A Falling Away (an wakening) first, every march and protestor in this nation and around the world though they won’t admit it, are all pictures of person after person waking up to who the enemy really is. That the give us Barabbas (Obama, Hussein, More America) cry instead of Israel's King. Jesus, the single blood redeemer of the world has all metamorphose into the lying, thieving, murderer the Christ of God day one forewarn us of, but what do they do with such Divine Revelation?
-There is a call to arms that they kill or be killed, that they revolt against their leaders, I admit, these are the ones the crying God I witnessed along a silence in heaven blamed for stripping His People of everything Jesus Christ, “behold I will strip their leaders.” That it is then this God of god crying aloud, vengeance is mine I will repay, read the biblical version of the Exodus regarding Moses, the Hebrews and the Egyptians story.
-Meaningfully you have been or you are from your mother's womb deceived and thus prepared unto the wrong future, and it’s not that you didn’t know this, you just been playing like this follow the erroneous leader game, a genocide made the American Dream, with all you’re worth for an eternity intact. No longer as those being reminded the future of the mankind God hath made and yes, He only made one, has been realized by the throne of God especially since the birth of the woman seed. The second Adam, the blood potentate crying aloud, sparing not, the Kingdom of God is at hand, the Kingdom (not of men), but of God is at hand!
-I listen to this minister a day or so passed who was testifying at how so many so labored Christians are angry at the thought or reality of a post trib rapture, one that she herself alluded to. Although I admit there is no such thing, that Jesus as surely as He promised the Disciples He was going to prepared them mansions in heaven. That just as scripturally will take the blessed dead unto the faithful living, the emphasis being on the faithful living out before the anti-Christ reveal. Meaning, there can be no anti-Christ rise, no mark of the beast, no Gog and Magog, no fulfillment of end time eschatology period, before the Righteous Bride is taken out. Although those of you who worship assembly more than the Christ Lord Jesus sincerely, you’re not counted with this number anyway.
-As I expressed just a day passed, more people need to be concern about the sin issue in their heart, mind, soul, in their lives preventing them of Jesus Christ, thus of escaping the Winepress (wrath) of God to come, than when this remarkable event will perform itself. Remember the horde of apostate saints thinking they knew Him (served Him), came to Him for to be rewarded by Him. That Jesus cast them all off regardless of their great works of assembly because the sin lineage to their heart, unto daily performances of transgressing flesh yet remain. Jesus is not, cannot return for a people who’re in sin, He cannot bring sin into God’s Kingdom, He died to present unto God the Father, a sinless Potentate, at this time this not the church world, but the washed white, church Bride, so be angry at the sin you’re in and repent!
-If you are being admonished to march, to protest even revolt, as Jones would say this is proof that you are the resistance I just pray you’re doing it while you’re looking in a mirror reflection of yourself. For it is there, right there, from within, from the heart is the primary, underlining problem all mankind has, all. Truly, being that it is God who hath made, us, the first Adam, it is God who has remade us, the second Adam, it is God who has redeemed us, the Christ Lord Jesus of resurrection. Evidently, delivering all mankind according to that one single human being. That only by His Grace can they now regulate unto righteousness or the lack, the hatred thereof, heart. This is impossible with man I know, this proven by how they’ve fallen so, it’s only made possible by God, to restore the man by Satanic devices, lost. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb, The RAM,

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