Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sin-Bad, Nazi Moms

Faceoff, The Apostle's Response to CNN report how Ex. V. Pres. Cheney Says He Will Order Those Tortured Over Again!

"You Cannot Kill Our Souls!" Voice Of The Martyred,
"We Will Not Leave Christ!" Voice Of The Martyred,

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-Seen to be seeing fire like a sword from behind prison bars target President Bush 2003
-Seen To Be seeing in huge, bold letters, the two part word, SIN-BAD, as so a voice declaring: Nazi Moms, the time of great desolation mightily on the map 11/06/2014

SIN-BAD/Nazi Moms 12/11/2014

-I tried to compare Cheney’s black heart to Dark Vader, but in the end he repented, then there's Jesus betrayal Judas, although he was sorry, he just didn't know what to do with it, which was to repent. As so I’m all the more reminded of King Zedekiah of Jeremiah's day, he wanted the truth, God brought him the truth, although he was sorry, and Cheney's insubordinate spirit is the very spirit this King was warn against, he feared man more than God, thus there is yet little comparison. Regretfully there is one, like his father Satan, who had a grandfather once extremely loyal to Babylon, this head of gold he was called, King Nebuchadnezzar. Once exalted by God, was he soon made humble, with said humility bringing him to exalting Daniels God above all gods, repenting as so.
-Perhaps not being told this story over and over as a child, was Nebuchadnezzar’s grandson Belshazzar. Now this one, despite all these truths regarding his grandfather past experience with the God of all god’s and his anointed Prophet, Daniel, he openly, gladly this very night made mockery of this God of Host. Though here is similarity in spirit of each of them regarding America’s ex-vice president Cheney, this final example, of one who know, of one who understand. Even of one given every opportunity to repent but blacken through and through by pride and unforgiveness were strong delusions is to wreak havoc against the head and heart of transgressors, here for Vice President Cheney regarded the perfect analysis.
-I shared often times how the last time I witnessed an American President/Vice President act this nonchalant toward a world suffering mightily all around us and I responded, "this man is going to get us all killed." That it was then President Bush, standing on a golf course right before those towers went down and the war drums regarding a removal of the axis of evil from the planet went up. Of course that was a million lives, a towering bloodshed and multi-billions and yet counting of dollars ago. Cleverly, by a cursed blood lineage, the axis of evil is from within, out of the heart of the unrepentant as all mankind are provoked, hence you’ve been given to repent, Christ’ Bloody Cross.
-Frightfully, God hadn’t come to admonished King Belshazzar to repent, that was beyond his heart harden so, he was only to understand one thing, his reign upon the Kingdoms of men had by God been ended. For America, cursed unto an alike judgment, even a future invasion of the Medes and Persians, for nearly fifteen years now, will have its per the Intrepid Dream timetable fulfillment by Oct. 2017. Though, for King Belshazzar his Kingdom, even his life would be divided and scattered unto the Medes and Persians this very night.
-This same God doing Ezekiel's time, showing this prophet the abominable things men do behind closed doors, coin the chilling phrase of men defiling Him and His Holiness regardless of forewarning, God explain to prophet, "they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, when in reality He is long suffering toward usward not willing that any perish. Thus in the consciousness of my Lord Jesus, I now inquire, way stand you gazing, even celebrating as though these evil men have done a strange thing? For I, this end time Apostle tell you, that except you repent (not churches, ones knees, Christ Jesus’ Cross), you shall like many gone before you perish (Hell's Fire). Beware, Apb, the Ram

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