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Whom The Lord Set Free!

Happy Holidays you guys, may God Our Father be with you here on earth or in the Heavens Above, truly be blessed, you and yours, Voice and fellowship of the martyrs,

Mary Did You Know,

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-Seen to be seeing a controversial note, letter, a scandal of sorts targeting the Whitehouse which is to then cause nationwide panic, chaos and repeated forms of vicious attacks. All of the above when a white (pure, redeemed) woman’s cry toward heaven cause the heavens to cry out in it’s own voice, in her own hearing, “A Day Before Christmas.” There’s something about the day before Christmas, about December, 24th about Christmas eve, a form of divine intervention gloriously on the map 12/10/2008

Whom The Lord Set Free Is Free Indeed! 12/22/2014

-This is not mockery, this young man is just stating the obvious, using bondages against the woman as blinders for men to keep them from sin has always been immense failure for them both, it’s why there are things going on in the church world (not Church Bride), that can make Pedophile Priest look like Angels from God. The Holy Spirit looked at this mounting evil (mass assembly) recently and replied these people need to fall in love with God, believe me, this isn’t a dress problem, it’s a heart issue. So riddle this end time Apostle this, how do you cause an entire abominable world, beginning with America’s Apostate Sanctuaries to fall in love with God? Meaning, when Sharia Law is practiced by Islam, this is not about the woman transgressions, it is man trying not to be provoked into sin by using her dress attire to cover their eyes when that actually provoking him to sin is from within, from the heart, repent, there’s no getting over or around it.
-Honestly, I don’t believe Prophetess Bebe is trying to be right, but righteous, the religious leaders according to Moses law were right, but there was nothing righteous about them nor their corrupt rudiments lead captive to heaven by Christ’s Cross. It's why Jesus teach, you must be born again, you must deny self (mortify the flesh). It's Jesus teaching on being judge at unwashed hands (see Mark 7:14-23). Don't you see, you guys are talking about all these various forms of getting around repentance to Christ's Cross, once Jesus is Heart and Head continuously, gradually, this Holy Spirit alone sanctifies the entire body (Temple), inside and out. Don't walk around with binders and blinders on trying to save yourself from the natural act of sin shaped in the heart, get into Jesus, Let Him get into you, this is the blood battle He fought and won.
-This Apostle is saying, for every scripture that binds there is one which can set free, this is called righteously dividing the word of truth. The danger here is hundreds, even thousands of people are being told they can’t marry, do you know what a heinous manner of miscalculation this is alone? Let’s first think of Apostle Paul’s teaching, there’s one where he’s describing how man is ruler over the woman because the man was first formed, then the woman, then just as soon he realize, the man is also from the woman, and both from God, here ended this debate, see here, (I Cor. 11: 11-16).
-There’s another teaching of Apostle Paul, where again he places the woman into all manners of binds and bondages, how sin entered the world by the woman, but so would, has the Blood Redeemer unto salvation. How the woman ought to be silent, yet she shall be saved in child bearing, slaying the enmity thereby restoring one new man, see Here ((I Tim. 2:11-15), Eph. 2:15.16). The Holy Spirit is not, the emphasis is on, will not have us ignorant nor enslaved, thus binding and putting something as natural as marriage into a choke hold of uncertainty is Satanic even Demonic.
-My concern isn’t that Prophetess Pamela Bebe is wrong, Holy Scripture is never wrong, but that this message has a lot of potential bondage and that completely grieves the Holy Spirit having given us a Gospel of Faith, Liberty and freedom. Holy Spirits just as I end this post remind me, to remind you of my own seeming unforeseen testimonial of such issues, so this is an insert. How they took two acts of whoredom, two acts of adultery and an act of abortion all repented to Christ’s Cross and shaped a beautiful thirty year marriage, unto an amazing thirty year ministry of Jesus Christ, unto just as so this phenomenal thirty year Apostleship of Jesus Christ, as nothing is impossible to those who love God and are called according to His, Their purpose.
-How? Because God’s forgiveness, by Christ’s Cross no longer considers transgressions committed before repentance to Christ’s Cross, meaning Christ is right now waiting on you to repent of sin, even that you were born sin. This mean If I’d seen, watched and believed this video first, none of this would have been possible, none of it. Understand, God’s thoughts people are not our thoughts, His Ways are not our ways, (see sermon on the mound, Matt. 5th chapt.). As far as the earth is from the heaven, so are God’s Thoughts as far from man, and His Ways passed finding out. We must ask the Holy Spirit to help us rightly divide the word of truth, only God’s form of righteousness (forgiveness) is truth, setting the captives free.
-As I dozed into a sleep the Holy Spirit cause me to wonder why it is Jesus first recorded miracle, ‘water into wine,’ was doing a marriage ceremony? Upon the Church Bride arrival into heaven, she’s to be adorn in white, for White is for the Righteous of the Saints preparing Her, not unto a wedding but unto a Wedding Supper. The actual repentance to Christ’s Cross is the Covenant Vow which bind us to our Spiritual Husband, it is the wedding, thus we’re bidden to its Wedding Supper. We now being the Temple of God, is this inconceivable reunion of the man no longer made twain, but one new man celebrated doing each sacred, matrimonial intercourse, this extraordinary happenchance that mankind often like Christ’s Cross is deprived of worshiping carnality (whoredom)the more.
-A young man through his revelations of hell testifies of a person having thirty years of ministry, of bringing people to Christ who was now in hell because she wasn’t able to forgive her husband, if you’re going to stay faithful to someone unto death, you’re going to have to be able to forgive. It is here you’re to remember, only the pure (Jesus Christ) in, at heart will see, will make an appearing with God. Let’s use Him, Jesus for an example, if Jesus had not righteously divided the Laws of God, Moses, the woman caught in adultery never could’ve been forgiven, the Law of Moses forbade it. The man with the thirty-something year old bed never could’ve walked, healed on the Sabbath, the Law of Moses for bade it. The man born blind (I once was blind but now I see), never would’ve received his sight, healed on the Sabbath, the Law of Moses forbade it.
-Certainly, most of all, Lazarus coming out of the grave, Jesus ultimate proof he was the Christ of resurrection never could’ve happen, performed on the Sabbath, Moses Law forbade it. This is why Jesus, said to be born of a woman, said to be born under the law, to redeem those under the law committed all these miracles in the manner in which He did. It wasn’t so much to discredit Moses Law, but to revise them all according to grace, forgiveness, and truth, yes in this order. He being the fulfillment thereof, for we’re saved by Grace, (Christ’s Cross), we’re restored to God’s Kingdom by His forgiveness (Christ’s Cross) and revised spiritually by its truth, (Christ’s Cross), God’s word is truth, (Christ’s Cross).

"If any of you had a sheep which fell into a ditch on the Sabbath day, would he not take hold of it and pull it out?" JCON

-Justly so, hundreds, even thousands of people who’re now left in marriage limbo is very concerning, for one according to the righteousness of God, a man is to leave home at taking his own wife upon himself. To be used as a revision the Apostle Paul describe how he wish all were like him, didn’t need to marry, but he rather we marry than burn. That’s burn in one’s flesh and for most unrepentant, in hells fire. Then there’s Jesus talking to the woman at Jacob’s well testing her loyalty, asked her about her husband. Knowing she’d been married five times and that the man at present wasn’t her husband, why? If marriage to God is us entering into sexual relations with others, how many spouses do we have? Can we even count them, can we be forgiven of them all? As they were all acts of sin, thus ignorance and foolishness.
-The Apostle Paul said he hath not known sin except the law hath said thou shalt not covet. So what is this Apostle saying the more? I’m saying if these marriage covenants weren’t entered into with God and most of them weren’t. The heart of man is first sin and therefore cannot commune nor enter into a covenant with God nor God with them, despite these churches and so labored pastors. If this was so, this would mean marriages of same sex partners are bless by God, as they’re performed in churches by so labored men of the clothe (spiritual leaders). This would then mean marriages out of true covenants with God are nothing more than performances of the flesh, meaning what to man are legal, binding manners of matrimonial to God are transgressions.
-I’ll simply end this post as to reiterate what Apostle said, I would rather that you don’t marry, but man was created and thus born to be intercourse with a mate of opposite identities. Though if there is no need of this manner of relationship with a significant other, then God bless you accordingly. Though if there is a need, and you desire to enter into a marriage covenant with both God and this significant other. Just you take heed, only the born-again can enter into sacred matrimony with God anything else would be hypocritical and thus an offense against God. This mean the non-sacred marriage you’re in if both who now have this understanding of Christ, in Christ, if both agree said marriage can be made into an authentic covenant with God.
-Let this be a warning, it is best not to make a covenant vow with God, than to make one and not keep it. Then if one simply want to marry, both walking in the spirit of forgiveness and thus judging a person not by their outer appearance, but fruits of the heart. Being reunited with a special mate, this isn’t very hard, if this is sincerely what you want, with God knowing the heart He will bring someone to you. Even one who is best for you, to be totally honest I simply pray His will be done concerning the desires of His own forged, formed Apostle. Since He know what’s best, it is impossible for me to then get this wrong. Thus He’ll bring someone to you who will love you and as Christ toward the Church Bride remain faithful to you until death or Christ’s millennium Reign.
-Holy, Living Scripture again, describes Christ as being born under the law, to redeem those under (bound by), the law, it’s the Apostle Paul warning how, though he or an angel from heaven come preaching any other gospel to you, let them be accursed. True heart modification has its foundation in Christ’s Cross, it must come first, it can only begin with Him, it is said, nothing on the planet take on remission, except by shedding of blood (see slain Lamb Of God, Jesus). I know this is not why most people go to church, church is mankind’s offering to God for forgiveness of sin, and like the religious leaders of Jesus day, their temple is vastly more important than that of God’s Temple. This is all evident and why there must come a falling away from organized religion, first.
-On the other hand, most divine Jesus by His Blood is God’s offering to man, the only one given under heaven, for the forgiveness of sin. That this Lamb of God for mankind has offered Himself once and is now sat down at the right hand of the Father until His enemies are made his footstool. This is why mankind’s heart, shaped deceitfully and despitefully wicked, provoked continuously thereby, though unless blood sacrifices are made, change is impossible. This is why Jesus admonished all looking to be born again, coming after Him, that they do the one thing no one wants to do, and that’s deny themselves.
-That’s denounce the flesh, surrendering all to the trusted Lords of blood redemption. So they, incapable of making such the like sacrifices of themselves and all they treasure as lives, lands and churches, like modified assembly into their own form of righteousness toward God, but He cannot, (see Matt. 7:44). Actually, it’s like Satan taking the curse of death and making it into a nation of liberty and justice for all, yet it’s nothing other than a curse of death with judgment and hell pending. This mean mass assembly is nothing more than taking the darkness (evil) mankind love more than Light (Jesus) and shaping it into a twi-light, a worldly formation of knowledge, wisdom and philosophy where in all actuality failing to acknowledge God's Will, it’s nothing more than this laboring unto mass failure, continuing to forfeit the soul’s ever-last, Jesus Christ.
-Caden Makhi decided upon yogurt, Miya Monae, an apple peeled just right and I grabbed an orange, by the time Caden finished his yogurt I’d cut my orange in two, ready to feed of its fruit and juice leaving nothing but the peel, the only way to eat an orange, right? Then he say grandma I want one of your oranges and I go, Cay, it’s just one orange cut in two, fitting them back together, and he goes and now you have two oranges. I’m like no it’s still one orange, like God I say, He created one man and He split Him into two making a male and female, then he made them husband and wife making them one man again. I smiled and I said, isn’t that beautiful, Caden was already smiling and he said, yes, grandmar that’s beautiful, but he still wanted one of my now two oranges. Happy Holidays you guys, be blessed in the Lord Christ and in the Power of His Might, As to pluck Ambers from the burning, beware, Apb, The RAM

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