Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another Foundation Can No Man Build

Je suis Jesus Christ, blessed are those whose thirst after righteous, for they shall be filled, JCON, voice of the martyrs, www.thekillingroom14.blogspot.

He That Hath Son Hath Life

-I Want to ask what is religion and is America having an unnumbered amount of churches, mosques and catholic catherals proof that it's inundated by this dangerous phenomenon? Although not the single example but of the most clear would be the difference between the Jewish Temple which plotted the seizure, persecution and execution (crucifixion) of God's Christ for mankind, Jesus.
-All verses the Temple of God days earlier overthrowing the money changers table infecting that supposedly the Temple of God, infuriating the religious leaders daring them to try this true Temple of God, destroy it, announcing His resurrection and in three days He, God's Glorious Temple made flesh would be rebuild (restored),
-Clearly judging by the immense and multitudinous magnification of religious assembly having beat back Christ's Divine intervention for thousands of years now. Truly you must ask of the masses that day readying to either free Isarel's King or Crucify Him of which, truly of which group, now be honest God knowing the heart as so you.
-Honestly are you through religion like those ordain leaders all the more rejecting Christ unto your own way? Or are you so in love with this Christ Lord, these people you've lost all sense of self and now not only do you serve Holy Spirits, but they serve you, the royal priesthood of the Ancient of Days?
-With Satan's Seat weighed and even wedged between the two, there are those of the church world I like to call churchians. Those who use preachers preaching, choirs and tithes and offerings to hide a multitude of sin, of what Holy Spirit describes are abominations and detestations they having forsaken God. Understand this Apostle, you are my workmanship in Christ Jesus even if I have to learn Morris-code, regardless of God's indescribable love there are billions of people cast into Hell.
-Being told you're to come as you are but only as you're ready to be lost, that's transformed into a heart, mind and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Then there's the church bride, those I like to call Speciality Saints, those who will rise to Christ forever very soon doing the resurrection of the righteous dead. Living to die in Christ for that is the only gain death can bring, righteous, holy and true. Like their Lord, falsely accused. As so persecuted, martyred or those daily poised to be, evidently like their Lord there are none like them throughout the entire earth, none. Either by Christ Cross, not church a child of God, or by mass apostate assembly, what Jesus describes as Satan's seat, the child of the devil, where there's no middle-ground.
-Doing this miraculous conclusion I was visiting with family recently, to the limit. Well, after I explain to my cousin Wonder I prayed her dying brother through to Christ, that this was my prayer for my brother Big Jun who laid dying on the asphalt that night, that he remember Grandma Cossie ministring Jesus to him, that his heart was yet this faithful. Sadly it was then Wonder suggested all people possibly pray through to Christ before they die, such the American Dream fantasy but hell has an inheritance of millions upon millions, even billions as a complete rebuttal of such delusions. Its true there are those who fearing death may pray to God, these payers much be heart sincere. Just as so there are millions being deceived still by their own self-rightness who are now jeopardizing their immortal souls as there's no other blood sacrifice other than Christ's Cross, none that God will honor, NONE!
repent or perish. AWAKE Apb, The RAM

Monday, March 16, 2015

Labor Not For The Meat Which Perisheth!

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Je suis (I AM) Jesus Christ, Praise you Heavenly Father, your grace be exalted throughout all the earth, you amaze us and we lift up thy Holy Name that everything which hath breath shall praise you on high. Praise Him on high ye mountain tops, rivers and lands and all the inhabitants therein. Make a joyful noise unto this Prince Lord without ceasing, Bless His Holy Name, Amen, Apb, 03/16/15

-My oldest son Cornellius asked me just a day passed about the placement of works with ones faith, I explained to him, there is a difference between the works of righteousness. These labors where you sacrifice to all the more lose the world but gain Christ, even to minister Christ and gain the souls of men. Then there's the labor of one losing his soul As so all the souls that can be possibly touched by his faithfulness in Christ Jesus all to gain a world temporal and continuously unto end time devastation and holocausts.
-Concerningly, there is an immortal difference here, one is to lose the soul and the other to all the more gain it Happily that in reading this post is the evidence, if he want evidence of the work being done here it is, men laboring not for the bread that perisheth (America), but unto the bread (Jesus), that is unto immortal life, be blessed for blessed only are the dead which die in the Lord Jesus Christ, blessed be His Holy Name throughout all the earth.
-This one primary thing I witnessed behind one of the three time tested doors the prophet Ezekiel doing my visitation to heaven brought me for to see was the preparation of the end time laborers. I witness them all passing before God's throne to be washed and cleansed, I heard it command of them “to be washed and cleansed.” I witnessed how they were newly heart, I watched as this illuminating light like the sun became as a hand for to reach right into the chest of them, and remove from them these hearts of corruptible flesh and instead was given to them these hearts of love unconditional, extraordinarily so.
-As I was allowed to watch further as this light was blinding and why each door was time specifically, I witness as this hand eventually touched or made contact with each of their forwards, of their temples. When just as soon this inconceivable light became as a mouth as to speak great and phenomenon things to this multitude. Behold, I couldn’t hear all that he spoke, but there’s one thing I heard the most, his instructing them to be well acquainted (familiar) with his grieves and sorrows, (his longsuffering), that mankind entering into Christ's righteousness enters into his suffering (Cross) as well.
-Behold, I saw that when they left the throne, God setting up the members of Christ's Church as it hath pleased Him, they were now apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers all for the salvation of the souls of men. All of this mean the children of God, laboring after the souls of men is more important than all things on this planet with one exception Christ’s Cross which is those Born Again foundation and primary example of righteousness, truly Jesus asked Peter do you love me more? If so, feed, my sheep! AWAKE! Beware, Apb, The RAM,

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Weavers, Assassins and Holocaust Makers

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-Je suis (I Am) Jesus Christ, "If I do this [evangelism ministry], it's good. If I die, that's good too. I will be with the Lord!" ~Gospel worker in India, voice of the martyrs …just imagine, plainly, if it doesn’t cause you pain and blood at gloriously renewing the heart and soul, this anxious outreach to the lost, then it’s not of Jesus’s Christ, as we are the church of the Martyrs.” Remember, Return, REPENT!!!,


Behold we were shaped in iniquity and in sin did our mother conceive us. Behold thou desirest truth in the inward parts and in the hidden parts thou shalt make us to know wisdom. Cleanse us with hyssop and we shall be cleanse, wash us and we shall be whiter than snow, make us to know joy and gladness that the bones which thou has broken shall rejoice. (I am here to imagine that while I prayed from heaven toward the earth, by this unknown tongue permeating along every fiber of my blood issuing up, through, was I, for all the fallen world praying the most amazing sinner’s prayer allowed us, psalm 51). See Psalm 51,

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-Seen to seeing the rise of the anti-Christ, as so a play on, with a large meteor like rock when a voice declare: This is the anti-Christ (NWO, Elite, Wealth Of The Wicked), murderer, the compete destruction of King Nebuchadnezzar's Image of emerging nations by a stone cut out without hands falling from heaven on the map, Dan. 2:3-49 02/14/2015
-Seen To Be In A Dream were I receive text message, after text message, after many alike messages stating the same thing, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is on his way!” 02/19/2015

God The Giant Slayer 03/05/2015

-Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Lybia's leader backed by China and the gold Dinar just attempt something similar? I guess this was a trial run for China that caused him both his life and his plans for a United States Of Africa, continuously, what expert weavers, what expert assassins, even Holocaust makers, hurry Lord Prince of Peace and get us all (believers), the victory, AWAKE! Beware, Apb, The RAM


They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall walk and not be weary, they shall run and not faint, Isa. 40:31