Monday, March 16, 2015

Labor Not For The Meat Which Perisheth!

You who are blessed by Apostle’s work, have you given financially to it? Give that your joy and gladness may be authentic, give at to

Je suis (I AM) Jesus Christ, Praise you Heavenly Father, your grace be exalted throughout all the earth, you amaze us and we lift up thy Holy Name that everything which hath breath shall praise you on high. Praise Him on high ye mountain tops, rivers and lands and all the inhabitants therein. Make a joyful noise unto this Prince Lord without ceasing, Bless His Holy Name, Amen, Apb, 03/16/15

-My oldest son Cornellius asked me just a day passed about the placement of works with ones faith, I explained to him, there is a difference between the works of righteousness. These labors where you sacrifice to all the more lose the world but gain Christ, even to minister Christ and gain the souls of men. Then there's the labor of one losing his soul As so all the souls that can be possibly touched by his faithfulness in Christ Jesus all to gain a world temporal and continuously unto end time devastation and holocausts.
-Concerningly, there is an immortal difference here, one is to lose the soul and the other to all the more gain it Happily that in reading this post is the evidence, if he want evidence of the work being done here it is, men laboring not for the bread that perisheth (America), but unto the bread (Jesus), that is unto immortal life, be blessed for blessed only are the dead which die in the Lord Jesus Christ, blessed be His Holy Name throughout all the earth.
-This one primary thing I witnessed behind one of the three time tested doors the prophet Ezekiel doing my visitation to heaven brought me for to see was the preparation of the end time laborers. I witness them all passing before God's throne to be washed and cleansed, I heard it command of them “to be washed and cleansed.” I witnessed how they were newly heart, I watched as this illuminating light like the sun became as a hand for to reach right into the chest of them, and remove from them these hearts of corruptible flesh and instead was given to them these hearts of love unconditional, extraordinarily so.
-As I was allowed to watch further as this light was blinding and why each door was time specifically, I witness as this hand eventually touched or made contact with each of their forwards, of their temples. When just as soon this inconceivable light became as a mouth as to speak great and phenomenon things to this multitude. Behold, I couldn’t hear all that he spoke, but there’s one thing I heard the most, his instructing them to be well acquainted (familiar) with his grieves and sorrows, (his longsuffering), that mankind entering into Christ's righteousness enters into his suffering (Cross) as well.
-Behold, I saw that when they left the throne, God setting up the members of Christ's Church as it hath pleased Him, they were now apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers all for the salvation of the souls of men. All of this mean the children of God, laboring after the souls of men is more important than all things on this planet with one exception Christ’s Cross which is those Born Again foundation and primary example of righteousness, truly Jesus asked Peter do you love me more? If so, feed, my sheep! AWAKE! Beware, Apb, The RAM,

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