Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another Foundation Can No Man Build

Je suis Jesus Christ, blessed are those whose thirst after righteous, for they shall be filled, JCON, voice of the martyrs, www.thekillingroom14.blogspot.

He That Hath Son Hath Life

-I Want to ask what is religion and is America having an unnumbered amount of churches, mosques and catholic catherals proof that it's inundated by this dangerous phenomenon? Although not the single example but of the most clear would be the difference between the Jewish Temple which plotted the seizure, persecution and execution (crucifixion) of God's Christ for mankind, Jesus.
-All verses the Temple of God days earlier overthrowing the money changers table infecting that supposedly the Temple of God, infuriating the religious leaders daring them to try this true Temple of God, destroy it, announcing His resurrection and in three days He, God's Glorious Temple made flesh would be rebuild (restored),
-Clearly judging by the immense and multitudinous magnification of religious assembly having beat back Christ's Divine intervention for thousands of years now. Truly you must ask of the masses that day readying to either free Isarel's King or Crucify Him of which, truly of which group, now be honest God knowing the heart as so you.
-Honestly are you through religion like those ordain leaders all the more rejecting Christ unto your own way? Or are you so in love with this Christ Lord, these people you've lost all sense of self and now not only do you serve Holy Spirits, but they serve you, the royal priesthood of the Ancient of Days?
-With Satan's Seat weighed and even wedged between the two, there are those of the church world I like to call churchians. Those who use preachers preaching, choirs and tithes and offerings to hide a multitude of sin, of what Holy Spirit describes are abominations and detestations they having forsaken God. Understand this Apostle, you are my workmanship in Christ Jesus even if I have to learn Morris-code, regardless of God's indescribable love there are billions of people cast into Hell.
-Being told you're to come as you are but only as you're ready to be lost, that's transformed into a heart, mind and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Then there's the church bride, those I like to call Speciality Saints, those who will rise to Christ forever very soon doing the resurrection of the righteous dead. Living to die in Christ for that is the only gain death can bring, righteous, holy and true. Like their Lord, falsely accused. As so persecuted, martyred or those daily poised to be, evidently like their Lord there are none like them throughout the entire earth, none. Either by Christ Cross, not church a child of God, or by mass apostate assembly, what Jesus describes as Satan's seat, the child of the devil, where there's no middle-ground.
-Doing this miraculous conclusion I was visiting with family recently, to the limit. Well, after I explain to my cousin Wonder I prayed her dying brother through to Christ, that this was my prayer for my brother Big Jun who laid dying on the asphalt that night, that he remember Grandma Cossie ministring Jesus to him, that his heart was yet this faithful. Sadly it was then Wonder suggested all people possibly pray through to Christ before they die, such the American Dream fantasy but hell has an inheritance of millions upon millions, even billions as a complete rebuttal of such delusions. Its true there are those who fearing death may pray to God, these payers much be heart sincere. Just as so there are millions being deceived still by their own self-rightness who are now jeopardizing their immortal souls as there's no other blood sacrifice other than Christ's Cross, none that God will honor, NONE!
repent or perish. AWAKE Apb, The RAM

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