Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Faceoff, This Apostle's Response To 12 Disasters that can bring about the end of the world as we know it, 12/11/2012

"You Cannot Kill Our Souls!" Voice Of The Martyred,
"We Will Not Leave Christ!" Voice Of The Martyred,

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-Seen to be seeing fire like a sword from behind prison bars target President Bush 2003
-Seen To Be seeing in huge, bold letters, the two part word, SIN-BAD, as so a voice declaring: Nazi Moms, the time of great desolation mightily on the map 11/06/2014

A Voice Declaring: A Catastrophe upon the Earth, the end of the mankind’s reign on the earth 2014,

The Fulfillment Of All Things Is Upon Mankind, Angel Gabriel 2004 12/11/2014

-I was in this dream recently, in the dream the rapture was performing itself, I know, I’ve had many of such the like dreams, even Jesus appearing in the heavens like so calling me, us unto Himself. As so visits to God’s throne where I participated in both a trial run and a dress rehearsal regarding this blessed beyond comprehension event. Though what made this different I was made to see what insurmountable disasters happening along the four corners of the earth simultaneously look like while staying in the heavens looking down and all around, I kid you not, it was dreadfully mesmerizing.
-I was reading a book about this blessed event, now you must know, for nearly thirty years Holy Spirit have reassured me in ways and by ways unbelievable and inconceivable, even a visitation by the Angel Gabriel regarding the end of the old man and the beginning of that one by Christ’s Blood Offering, made new. I read as he stated, when this blessed gathering happen nothing will ever again on this earth be the same, though knowing this. As well comprehending it for nearly two decades straightway I became emotional and broken hearted at how horribly the world of the rebellious to apostate religion would suffer of the abomination that maketh desolate (of Anti-Christ Reign), truly like nothing on this earth ever before.
-Like in this article, you count what could be master disasters happening to this planet on a continuum until you virtually turn what? Green, purple in the face, though it is what will proceed these random forms of cataclysms which will not so much end this earth but mostly by fire restructure it. Unmistakably will be what has been preached. prophesied and forewarn toward mankind upon this earth for a times, times and the diving of time, the blessed gathering of the Church Bride. Relentlessly, not the church world that’s being described in Rev. 17, as this great whore of a woman sitting on many waters (People and Nations), but the Church Bride Jesus declared He would build upon SOUND DOCTRINE where the gates of Hell wouldn’t prevail, totally devastating religious/political rule, being described in Rev. 19th chapter, BEWARE!
-This is not the first time doing a dream, vision, visitation to heaven or heaven visiting me I’ve witness this blessed hope from the stars above, remember that one where I witnessed Specialty Saints like fire rockets shooting from the earth, into the heavens? That once there, I witnessed a cloud that became fat and fatter every time a Specialty Saints, those having lived by total surrender to Christ’s foundation of Gospel Truth. Hence, the Living Word, Spirit, Christ unto a SINLESS existence here, again were they most remarkably now being captured away forever, (see Ken Peter’s I saw tribulation). Behold I show you a mystery, we shall not all sleep (the blessed dead) but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkle of an eyes, at the last trump, for the trumpet shall and death shall be swallowed up in victory for Jesus has overcome the world. Beware, Apb The RAM,