Sunday, December 21, 2014

We Shall Behold HIM!

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"You will hurt, you will bleed, but just as soon you will be in paradise with Jesus, Christian Parents, the only ones Children are to obey, teaching their Children how to die in Christ Jesus, just you imagine, Voice Of The Martyrs,

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“Seen to be busying my way around the kitchen, the stove, when the Holy Spirit start speaking to me, “soon the Church-Bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the Tribulation Saints as the anti-Christ is given power to overcome Them,” 2011/12

“We Shall Be Hold Him!” 12/21/2014

-It is melted into the midst of my bowels, with a certain familiarity to it, as they watch my life and death struggle staying true to it. My beloved was dying, what was life eventually taken away, unto a heart smattered to pieces, even this my own faith. For days and days these very words repeated in my head, God’s visible heart, this anxiety doeth Rome, this mourning unto rejoicing, His Son was coming home. It can’t be without shedding of blood, as there is no remission otherwise, fear had entered, misery longest to last, the unthinkable, the unthinkable, unbearably brought to pass.
-So when are we going to push it all away, how long will I wait for them to say? If you’re going to behead my sons I don’t want it, if you’re going to rape my daughters I don’t want it. If my brothers are going to be burn alive and my sisters maimed and mocked, as God divine, His very Own this lost, I don’t want it, no more holocaust.
-I know it’s the price, like you, I’ve always known, I’m walking in the blood of all the horrible stories told, from Adam’s Earth, to mighty nations of men, they killed and slaughtered and taken all that’s willed. Though we’ve gained the more, meaning the blood debt we owe, that all we survey is all battered and torn. Now with gore in our eyes, a glass of thorns, a jagged swallow, has thicken on our tongue, how bitter and sweet is the day He was Born.
-By floods, fire and massive wars spilled on God’s Holy Land, with so much done at His own command, so much suffered that HIS BLOOD SHED be fulfilled, better our Creator than cold hearted will. He know I’ve seen it, and he wasn’t so pleased, I witness his wilderness of slaughter, his ceaseless killing fields. It so enraged him, he growl with much might, seeing he was defeated, yet he chose to fight.
-So one manslayer I witness passed away, another, greater dawn only to seal this, his fate, coming to devour, rising to do much harm, cuddled into the Messiah’s breast I wasn’t to be alarmed. The Lion’s Den Daniel, what a perfect place to pray, what a perfect place to sincerely seek God’s Face. How long O Lord lament the Martyrs Cry, Instead of crucifying Their Lord, for Him they’ve chosen to die, to kneel at His Feet, to forgive their enemies, it was when we were together, slaying still this beast. Now no more wars, no more battlefields, no more fighting and no more cuss, the Ancient of Days hath Reign, no more holocaust. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, beware, Apb, The RAM

-Happy Holidays you guys, may God Our Father be with you here on earth or in the Heavens Above, truly be blessed, you and yours….Apb
Mary Did You Know,

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