Friday, January 23, 2015

Only The Pure In Heart Will See (Reign With), GOD

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Je suis (I am), Jesus Christ, blessed are the pure in heart and for shall see God,JCON

Blessed Are The Meek, for there's is the Kingdom of Heaven 01/23/2015

-After visiting several sites and reading behind people's comments upon my exit I said to myself, these Christians are really cold hearted, not realizing. Well that's not possible, there is no such thing as a cold hearted Christian. You're either a Christian, meaning by Christ's Cross, blood and Holy Spirit you're pure in heart, or you're a Churchian, deeply self-involved, and thus cold at heart, it isn't just impossible that you're both, you’re living not just a dream, but a curse of damnation and hell, if you believe so.
-I tell you all I could think of was the Apostle Paul's testament regarding his visitation to Athens Greece and coming to the conclusion the people there had more gods than people themselves, in other words idolatry was rampant. Jesus always to test the heart and faithfulness of man at bringing them into a better understanding of His Father's, our God's form of righteousness, well He made various inquiries of us.
-Those in likeness of, "what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul, or, what shall man give in exchange for his soul? I explain to my grandson Darius how religion (mass assembly) exist, all religion, even politics despite its various titles because of people (Churchians) who refuse and that's refuse to worship God by His manner of righteousness. This then mean all religion is a manner of rebellion of what not only God Wills, but His Merciful Will seeing mankind by his blood nature is actually from the womb cursed to death and Hell and Jesus. (God Made Flesh), its one Blood Redemption.
-Understandably, God’s righteousness mean those who love the world (the American Dream, Idolatry) are an enemy to God, they’re anti-Christ and sadly is why Jesus will turn millions of again Churchians away, citing “I never knew you.” I used to be one, a Churchian, I lived a life of sin which didn’t much matter as long as I was church faithful and I’m telling you millions of those assembled feel this way. Although most supposedly spiritual leaders are guilty of caring more about success than the souls of men, (“behold I will strip their leaders,” GOH). A lost Churchian doesn’t always mean the Pastors or Ministers of said assembly aren’t faithful to the teaching and preaching of Christ’s gospel.
-Simply the church surroundings itself, being faithful to assembly and religious congregating make Churchians think merely participating is their salvation, it’s like getting away with a perfect murder, that of God’s Anointed. Altogether, it’s fleeing the gospel of Christ which is first hand self and thus carnal denial, which is possible only as one is born-again, dead or dying to self. Seemingly which is possible only as one is totally surrendered to Holy Spirits as clay in the POTTER’S, God’s HAND, which is Christ’s Jesus Cross crying aloud, "behold I stand at the door (ones sinful heart, lineage) and knock, if any man will open the door, I will come in to him, and sup with him and he with Me! JCON. AWAKE! Beware, Apb, The RAM,

-"Forgive us O God, according to thy loving kindness, according unto the multitudes of thy tender mercies, blot out our transgressions, wash us thoroughly from our iniquities and cleanse us from sin, A Prayer of King David, see Psalms 51., see,

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