Friday, January 23, 2015

Curse of The Machiavellian Delusionist

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Je suis Jesus Christ, blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted, voice of the martyrs,

Curse Of The Machiavellian Delusionist 01/23/2015

-At one point Jesus ask the question, what shall man give in exchange for his soul? I woke up in this dream, in this dream I was caring for this child, I loved and I cherished this child. There was nothing, absolutely nothing I wouldn't do for this child, when suddenly the Holy Spirit asked, inquired, why are you caring for this child, it's supposed to be dead!
Of course I was shocked, I was shocked out of my heart, my head, what in the world could be more precious or more important, or even more rewarding than caring after something so extremely loving and trustworthy? Again, what could be more important? I didn't realize it at the time, but the answer to that question is ones soul, again as I’ve described many times before, the immortality that mortals like yourselves, like ourselves completely forget.
-Your soul, my soul, it’s why God became flesh, it’s why Christ suffered and died, it's why doing a prayer and soon a silence in heaven I both witnessed and heard God crying uncontrollably. That’s sobbing outrageously, how His People, His creation were dying, meaning religious delusions were putting more and more people and their families in danger (behold I will kill your children with death, JCON). That regardless of the Woman Seed blood sacrifice people were waking up in hell at an alarming rate, behold I will strip their leaders, GOH.
-This is why I literally cringe when I’m listening to a fatherly Alex Jones who’s talking about the astronomical lengths he’s to go too, to safeguard especially his children, as though he doesn’t realize death and dying happen to his children while being shaped in their mother’s safe, warm, medicating womb. A staggering, terrifying reality Jesus believe He can use as an initiative toward unrepentant parents to encourage them to remember God, to return to God, and thus repent to God, as though God and His enormous sacrifice just wasn’t enough.
-Doing Ken Peters I saw tribulation You tube Video, and he’s about done describing the resurrection of the RIGHTEOUS DEAD, and how terribly lost the people, those left behind all over the world. He describe one thing even more strange left behind and abandon all over the place are baby carriages filled with babies about 24 months old more or less. Yes, abandon babies, and he’s stumped by what this really mean, when I believe at this juncture he’s seeing mankind in a light, or by a revelation through, or by which God has always seen man and why in His eyes, every one of them is precious to Him at Jesus admonishing us to love our fellowman as we love ourselves.
-Truly, because I was so distracted at caring for this child (The world, The American Dream) meaningfully a type of idolatry as we’re not to place any other god or any manner of importance before Him, ANY!. Said distraction no matter how urgent or even precious could not only get me killed, but get me, us, lost afar from His manner of righteousness. That’s advocating and endangering ones immortal soul far from the eternal paradise of God’s Kingdom to come. You have to always remember, it is appointed unto all mankind great or small to die, the question is what or who are you and yours going to be dead for? These stunningly beautiful children being dead is unbearable to realize I know, though dead every hour on the hour are thousands of children as this is the true, actual future of mankind simply veiled over by a scheming truth-looter especially the American Dream, things seen temporal, things not seen eternal.
-Clearly this is what Holy Spirits mean when they declare we’ve prepared our children for the wrong future, this present world isn’t their home, and the more we attempt to make it something. That’s of them something since the fall it is all incapable of being the more we, they’re going to suffer unnecessarily. This is why reading about those parents teaching their children how to die in Christ Jesus was so shocking and astronomically divine, it’s phenomenally nothing less than Jesus admonishing all those in parental (leadership), positions to suffer the little children and bring them to HIM. It was apparent to those parents, as it should be apparent to all earthers that though mankind walk through the valley of the shadow of death, what evil having on the whole armor of God, Christ Jesus’ Cross shall we fear? Unendingly, the Paradise of God, Reign! AWAKE! Beware, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb, The RAM,

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