Friday, February 13, 2015

Let It Snow Tookie Williams, Let It Snow

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Je suis (I Am) Jesus Christ, "you will hurt, you will bleed, but just as soon you will be in paradise with Jesus, Christian Parents, the only ones Children are to obey, teaching their Children how to die in Christ Jesus, just you imagine. Plainly, if it doesn’t cause you pain and blood at gloriously renewing the heart and soul, this anxious outreach to the lost, then it’s not of Jesus’s Christ, as we are the church, voice of the Martyrs,


-For we acknowledge our transgressions and our sins are ever before thee, against thee, thee only God/Father, have we sinned and done this evil in thy sight, that you might be justified when you speak and be clear when you judge. Behold we were shaped in iniquity and in sin did our mother conceive us. See Psalm 51,

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-Seen to seeing the rise of the anti-Christ, as so a play on, with a large meteor like rock when a voice declare: This is the anti-Christ (NWO, Elite, Wealth Of The Wicked), murderer, the compete destruction of King Nebuchadnezzar's Image of emerging nations by a stone cut out without hands falling from heaven on the map, see, Dan. 2:3-49
-Seen to be busying my way around the kitchen, the stove, when the Holy Spirit start speaking to me, “soon the Church-Bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the Tribulation Saints as the anti-Christ is given power to overcome Them,” see I Thess. 4:16-18, Rev. 13:7, 2011/12

Suffer The Little Children 02/12/2015

-When I was brought back to the end of my rope where I was born, where all mankind are born, I’m much thankful to my/our Heavenly Father that I knew the answer to the most striking dilemma of mankind, that by the only name given under heaven whereby we can again be restored to our first ever love, is, was. That’s shall be for all eternity, as we’re eternal souls which will never pass away heaven or hell that single will, soul’s choice. I was lead to my closet, to those knees, on my face even, where I’d dragged my sorry self, heart and soul and I sought the Lord God that I not perish so horridly, making Jesus my heart, head, my comfort and peace, my ultimate contentment, that God’s will alone be done with my single performance here for nearly thirty years now.
-As I passed my daughter’s TV this morning, it was on the news and they were yet talking about the open nightmare of a snow/ice storm performing itself especially in areas of Boston, simply mouth gapping realities really. Truly, how the people have just had enough when I was reminded of that time I’d just had enough, I mean that is what it’s all for, trials of disasters. It’s to bring mankind back to the brink of the harsh reality they’re all born to, with this walk among the shadows of one’s own curse of death. That it is God which hath made us, fallen from His Grace, we’re to remember Him, return to Him, repent to Him, His Kingdom Reign, see the sounding of the Seventh Angel.
-A week or more ago, well I’ve shared more times than not how I receive certain songs as words of knowledge, wisdom, one of those songs playing in my head repeatedly a couple weeks or more ago was one entitled ‘California Dreaming’ by a group by the name of Mom and Pop. Regardless, researching you-tube, it’s a song about being so stressed out and down about winter weather you’re struck praying and dreaming about Sunny California. At the time in which I received it as a word Holy Spirits knew what was about to or what was happening in these areas and was in a good-natured way giving me a heads up. It’s all to people show that the entire Heavenly Host are very well connected to whatever events are to especially agonize the people on this planet. Which is why God is found longsuffering toward us all not willing that any perish, not die, death will come, perish mean being lost for all eternity, HELL! Evenly so, with Jesus crying aloud, “come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy labor and I will give you rest.”
-My daughter-in-law just expressed how she’s having a bad day already, but our normally unfriendly neighbor, just came to her rescue. I told her that’s how neighbors are supposed to be, I’ve always told them that’s how neighbors are supposed to be. Thus proving that all things work together for the good, especially for those who love God and are called according to His purpose, (Christ Cross). Likewise, if we faint not, that no matter the horror it will, if we most assuredly trust this Holy Lord, (know, serve Jesus as Lord), again it will all past. Markedly, know the Lord Jesus and the Power of His Might, it’s the only reason God sacrificed His Only Begotten Son, and why He in return sacrificed Himself and now the Persecuted to Martyred Saints crying aloud, ceaselessly, Repent Ye!. This people is your Idiot Test, AWAKE, Beware, Apb, The RAM,

-Truly if you love your soul (the immortality that mortals forget see Satan’s Seat) and your children more than the American Dream, see One Shade of Blood-White here,, and here

-If You Love , Share,

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