Monday, June 20, 2016

America Britain Seperated Into Itty, Bitty Pieces

     A Voice Lamenting: 'Blessed is he that waiteth, (endure, stand) and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days," 05/02/2015, see Daniel. 12:12a.; (see the Kingdom Age Decreasing the now Church Age, even its dispensation of Grace, Apb)

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

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And There Was Silence In Heaven, About The Space Of Half An Hour

     -Seen to be kneeled before a silence in heaven, (prayer closet), seem to suddenly hear the Supreme Father crying, sobbing uncontrollably, so much so I too begin to cry, to sob, then I hear a voice, and I quote, "my people are dying, dying and they're be stripped of everything my Christ has brought them, my people are being dying, dying, and they're being stripped of, everything my Christ has brought them, behold I will strip their leaders," (see P for Pedophile, Pope, President, Politician, Pastor, Preacher and Parent) "and leave them as in the day they were born, naked and bare," 1993, Apb

Marvel Not, I Will show You The Mystery Of The Great Whore

         These Superhero’s Americans and their righteous money and they've done what with this taxable wealth? Build nothing but bigger to better weapons of mass destruction, forgoing the warning, be careful what you do with freedom, especially its celebrity, now as Jesus forewarn, there shall not be one stone left upon another. The same thing is happening here, Americans are too cursed with pretend to see it, call it an oil crisis, or an Islamic/Obama problem or a Government to Democratic/Voting booth problem. That’s all the while Holy Spirits are calling it a sin problem, lives, lands and churches, all gone abominable, detestable now with a detailed ferocious beast tearing, stomping and chomping through all of it, even the eating of the peaceful porches of it, indescribably having abandon God/Jesus Christ to have all of it. America, its religious/political system or simply western civilization has been in a slow motion exodus of its more antichrist like enterprises by prophecies I've seen some thirty years this spring, 2016.
     What is heart breaking, they actually think what is happening to Venezuelans, see here,; and even a proposed Brexit isn’t happening to them, isn't happening to their children and grands, a voice crying “America, Britain, separate them into itty, bitty pieces,” 2004, frightfully this forewarning dates back to King Nebuchadnezzar's image, the stone cut without hands, Dan. 2, of which I witness rise from prediction 02/14/2015. I was standing the kitchen, 2011, preparing something to drink for my grands, when just as soon Holy Spirit ask, “do they know, do your children know, that although they grew up in free territory, that although you, their parents grew up in free territory, they will grow up in occupied territory, in an occupied America?
     Unthinkable I know, still with you all not realizing, said occupation, that will, has lead to both an Islamic to Antichrist reign having it’s beginning American soil, all began with a predicted 2003, Apb, the RAM, Hussein’s Reign, Barack, Hussein Obama, given two weeks and seven years, all expired, which is why I saw the rise of the two beast of Rev. 13, 2008, come out of prediction even as Obama's presidential campaign  meaning, stampede! The last performance of earth ending inundation spread its purpose to halt Satan/earth's rebellion and frustrate the coming woman seed Jesus spread itself far and wide along all earth's territories. Some, what forty days, and nothing but that which was covered in the Ark (see Jesus redeeming Blood), was saved, nothing, no one.
     Now I know, witnessing a large container fall on Saddam Hussein 2003, declaring him not dead but injured wasn’t ending Islam but moving the world into one era, and along a new fear factor where western rule is being decimated and abolished completely from the earth. Accordingly all of its alike territories seeming to breakout of economic plagues, quite disastrous, will eventually leave millions dead, thus the forewarning, 2002, "the antichrist is to kill millions as millions go broke." Surely as from the Genesis, this is what happens when one is to build upon another's man (Jesus'), foundation, whose builder and maker is God. There’s a promise, even a prophecy to burn every title of its worthlessness; now see what’s unprecedented, dozens of volcanoes erupting, with Yellowstone, a Super volcano, as is described along the sixth seal, Rev. 6:12-17, showing itself, right now, this threatening.
    It was again, at such a time, just as the recent bathroom brawl of better transgender accommodations, when at such a time as this as well, a great scarcity of food, a type of rescue of the Bride, by the Prince Bridegroom, Jesus. Miraculously, it was in the form of a phenomena manner of reshaping the Sun right above, right before my eyes, into this gigantic, blocking out the heavens above arrival of a diamond carved, crystal dove, directly to the aide of her. Coming as promised to a made desperate by the evils of men, Bride, now home with him, to mansions in heaven, as nothing but unprecedented cataclysm upon cataclysm is to be acted out upon those sorely left behind.
     I, now with you, can yet hear the Christ crying aloud to mass assembly, shattered heart again having melted within the midst of him. “I never knew you, you who refuse to repent, you who thumb your noses in Christ’s Blood of it, you who worked iniquity,” and off with the Righteous Bride He went. Another staggering prophecy I witness come out of prediction 02/17/2015. Truly there's no way you're to witness the antichrist totally permeate the earth, and not see the Bride being clearly snatched out it, now reigning with Him. So, if  you're still without clear comprehension, this is what the Angel Gabriel mean, 2004, when he declared us, this generation/Bride those of all biblical fulfillment, awake, be aware a God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, see more details here, I Thess, 4:16-18, I Cor.15:51-58, see also,      

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